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by AVForums Feb 15, 2009 at 12:00 AM

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    Superhero Movie - Extended Edition Blu-ray Review
    SRP: £20.99


    There might be problems with the actual film but nothing can be taken away from this fantastic Blu-ray encode. It's a theatrically correct reproduction, widescreen 1.85:1, 1080p and uses the VC-1 codec. Colours are bold and beautifully rendered with greens and reds strong, deep and adding weight to the frame. Colours are kept well in check with no bleed on show and no smearing to be seen in any of the faster scenes. Skin tones are spot on as well, with no hint of red push.

    Blacks are handled well with some good shadow detail but I have seen better in other films, still this encode is not to be dismissed. “The Hourglass'” shrouded laboratory comes across pretty well, as does some of the night roof top scenes. At the other end of the scale whites are perfectly contained within their borders and the lighter scenes are a joy to behold. The scenes at Xaviers school offering up good detail with excellent depth of frame and certainly giving that wow factor associated with good Blu-ray releases.

    Individual detail on costumes is excellent with the weave of The Dragonfly's suit tight and well defined. Skin detail is good with pore detail easily identified. Other scenes to lookout for would be the convention or the awards ceremony just over the hour mark.

    There's no hint of any encoding errors here at all with no noise, blocking, banding or enhancement to be seen. There is no evidence that I could see of any DNR being used either.

    Superhero Movie - Extended Edition Picture


    Superhero Movie flutters down with a good TrueHD 5.1 track, backed up by a standard Dolby Digital 5.1 variant which is pretty good but is dwarfed a little by its lossless cousin.

    This is a good enough track, it's wide and deep at the fronts with the orchestral score in the background emulating Spider-Man's before it with good aplomb, the instruments identified quite easily. LFE contributes well to the low end as needed, kicking in with some good explosions and the thump of flesh on concrete. Middle tones of dialogue are good, crisp and clear and every syllable comes across from the centre channel as expected. The higher tones seems a little flat at times not as precise as they could have been.

    For a superhero film this is a little too front heavy for my liking, with the rears not used as well as perhaps they could have been. There are some effects there, from flying animals, thrown explosive devices, some lightning and general effects but apart from that it's all predominately up front.

    There is good steerage from one channel to another with the movement of objects on screen mirrored well in your sound stage. A good enough track then that adequately covers the bases but nothing more than that, and on occasion I felt it was lacking a little in the surrounds which would certainly have added to the ambiance as a whole.

    Superhero Movie - Extended Edition Sound


    • Commentary with Craig Mazin, David Zucker and Robert Weiss.

      Director and the two producers having their own say on the film. Obvious references to their earlier works and it's pretty much a scene by scene commentary with Mazin going off on the odd tangent. All get one well and it's a good flowing chat track with a few laughs and no silence what so ever. If you enjoy the film then certainly give this a listen.

    • Alternate Ending. - 0:05:15 - 1080p/MPEG-2

      As the name suggests a different ending. Similar to the one included in the movie but ending at the convention. No better or worse than the one we finally ended up with.

    • Deleted Scenes. - 0:10:42 - 1080p/MPEG-2

      21 Deleted Scenes, thankfully with a Play All function. Shouldn't really be termed as deleted scenes as most of these are in the movie anyway, these are just minor extensions with some subtle differences. Like the main movie this is just another collection of free flowing gags and most are throw away affairs. The extended Tom Cruise section at the end though really does deserve a watch.

    • Meet the Cast. - 0:11:14 - 1080p/VC-1

      A brief getting to know you reel, with the producer and director introducing the storyline and the cast assembled for this feature. A self congratulatory affair with little merit.

    • The Art of Spoofing. - 0:10:05 - 1080p/VC-1

      Craig Mazin giving a little bit of his own career history and what attracted him to making this and writing other spoof features. There are some snippets from earlier Scary Movie films. Another pat on the back piece.

    • Theatrical Trailer.

      As the name suggests.

    • BD-Live.

      Pretty much the usual BD-Live offering with more trailers, a Superhero Movie community (whatever that is) , clips and a photo gallery. I have little respect for BD-Live as a whole and find nothing here of any worth really either.

    The commentary is good enough for what it is but the rest of the featurettes included here are far too saccharin in nature for my own liking. They don't add any depth to the disc, they offer no more information on the production or design of the film, and whilst that was good enough for me because I never enjoyed the film too much, lovers of the film may feel a little let down.
    Superhero Movie - Extended Edition Extras


    A gag every 15 seconds equates to roughly 320 gags in this short film, ultimately you will find this good value for your hard earned cash or not. I had a few chuckles to myself but nowhere near the 320 that's supposedly in there; so for me I have to say that it never hit my funny bone as often as the producers had hoped for.

    The disc is well done with an excellent encode and a good enough audio track, albeit one which is a little too full on at the front with not enough going on at your sides. If, then, you like this film then you'll be pleased at the technical quality of this disc. It is, however, somewhat let down by a sparten set of extras which don't do anything other than allow the cast and crew a vehicle to show to the world how much they love each other.

    This film is not directed at my age group, the likes of Airplane all those years ago were, and at that time I did enjoy them. Now I just find them a little tedious; that's not to say though that you will. The bottom line has to be a rental I feel, because even if you do enjoy this kind of film then I doubt it has much potential to be watched more than once.

    Superhero Movie - Extended Edition Verdict

    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £20.99

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