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by Casimir Harlow Jan 18, 2008 at 12:00 AM

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    Superbad Blu-ray Review
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    Superbad comes to Blu-ray with a decent enough 1080p High Definition rendition in the movie's original aspect ratio of 1.78:1. The detail is generally good throughout, with no softness, no edge enhancement or digital artefacting and only the slightest hint of grain, a minor point of note in what is otherwise an extremely good presentation. The colour scheme is rich and vibrant, the lush green countryside, the realistic skin tones and considering the most of the movie is set at night they manage the palette extremely well. The blacks are solid (check out the police uniforms) and allow for superb shadowing, again perfect for a movie that is populated by so much low lighting. Considering all of this, it is surprising that we have such a good presentation here, but it's a pleasant surprise and this title looks superb on Blu-ray.
    Superbad Picture


    To accompany the movie we get a solid Dolby TrueHD 5.1 track that hits all the right spots. Ok so the material isn't exactly comparable in bombast to the likes of Transformers but it is still a rollicking little soundtrack that comes across extremely well with this mix. Dialogue comes across clearly and coherently, predominantly from across the fronts and centre channels, and it never gets smothered by the rest of the proceedings. Effects are more atmospheric than anything else, creating a great house-party or shopping mall ambience, but there are also a few nice louder bangs - car crashes and gunshots - to light up the surrounds. There isn't much bass on offer so the LFE only gives a subtle rounding out to the atmosphere, but what do you expect with this kind of material. And the real noteworthy part of the track are the songs picked which, in line with previous affairs Knocked Up and, more obviously, 40 Year Old Virgin, really bring the comedy's aural accompaniment alive.
    Superbad Sound


    Although this is the 2-disc Blu-ray release of Superbad, unfortunately I only had access to the first disc for the review, which means that not all of the extras are covered. On the first disc, with the movie, we still get plenty of stuff. The Commentary with the Filmmakers and Cast is possibly one of the best Commentaries that I have ever come across, and for fans of the film it is required listening. All of the main players are there, from Seth and Evan (both the characters' actors and the writers themselves) as well as the director, and McLovin of course. They spend the majority of the time mocking one another and cracking jokes, laughing almost throughout the affair, and their joviality is definitely contagious, so if you want a fun, enjoyable listen then it is well worth checking out. There's also a Supermeter, a strange Blu-ray exclusive gimmick, which keeps a score of all of the foul language used in the movie as you are watching it.

    We get 6 Deleted and Extended Scenes, totalling an extra ten minutes of quality footage. Seth's extra comments about Evan's mum are hilarious, the cop dialogue is funny, we get an alternate Evan breakdancing session (which doesn't work as well as the song he sings in the final cut), an amazing imitation of Christopher Walken and - overall - whilst the final movie certainly is not lacking, I don't think it would have harmed to have included most of this stuff. The Semen Conversation is the full version of the improvised dialogue between the two cops in the car about semen and forensics. The short version was funny enough, hearing them keep this playing out for even longer is just astounding - very funny indeed. Line-O-Rama, whilst not really Deleted Footage, is essentially a compilation of alternate lines for all the key phrases, and is possibly the funniest part of all of the deleted material. Running at four minutes, Seth is just on fire here, getting all of the best lines, and if you liked the movie then this little extra is likely to having you laughing out loud. Quality. If that wasn't enough then there's even a Gag Reel, another 5 minutes of fluffs, tripping over, getting lines wrong and McLovin (or at least the actor) having issues with a bumblebee. All of this comes to around half an hour of extra hilarity which, combined with the great Commentary, already sets a new standard in terms of Extras.

    Finally, at least for the first discs, we get a bunch of Trailers, including the third Resident Evil movie, Walk Hard , Vantage Point, Life of Brian and Close Encounters. It's a shame that I did not have the opportunity to explore the second disc packed just with Extras, including Cop Car Confessions, the Making-Of, the Vag-Tastic Voyage, The Original Table Read 2002, Table Read 2006, Auditions, Michael's Voicemail from Jonah, Snakes on Jonah, Dancing Title Sequence, TV Safe Lines, Everyone Hates Michael Cera, On Set Diaries, the Music of Superbad and a Press Junket Meltdown. Is that enough?
    Superbad Extras


    Following on from some recent great movies, most notably 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up, Writer/Actor Seth Rogen and his cohorts have once again given us a truly memorable, refreshingly honest comedy - this time in a teen setting - with an outstanding script that will likely have you laughing out loud. On Blu-ray the video and audio are notewrorthy and the 2 discs allow us a huge set of hilarious extras. Overall, if you like any of the aforementioned movies then this is a no-brainer blind-buy. Even if Virgin and Knocked Up didn't quite hit the spot for you, you still may find this a thoroughly enjoyable affair. Fans, of course, will probably already have it on pre-order. Highly recommended.
    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £24.99

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