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by AVForums Feb 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Super Size Me Review
    Are you fat? Well, I am, and I know why. I eat far too much and don't do enough exercise - pretty straight forward, really. It is therefore quite surprising (or not, depending on how you view the American social climate) that some Americans tried to sue McDonalds because they got too fat from eating fast food. They failed because they could not prove that by eating fast food, you are doing harm to yourself. So, the brilliantly named Morgan Spurlock decided to eat, for one month, only McDonald's food. He must eat at least one of everything on the menu at least once, and if someone asks if he wanted to supersize then he has got to say yes./p>This is a standout documentary that demonstrably, if unrealistically, demonstrates the nature of fast food nutrition. Spurlock starts out as a fit individual who moderates his lifestyle to the average American, so no more paces than a couple of thousand a day. Highlights include, during the second day, Spurlock eating his first supersize meal, promptly throwing up shortly afterwards. His vegan girlfriend surreptitiously confessing that she has to be on top because he doesn't have the stamina anymore! Super Size Me is a revelatory documentary that will have you gasping at the raw figures like: 42 table spoonfuls of sugar in a supersize coke, that the current new generation of Americans will be the first whose parents will naturally outlive them and I was amazed at the amount of calories in a McDonald's salad and the five sole items on a McDonald menu without sugar. Supersize Me does deviate from the basic premise to include school nutrition and how companies are trying to hook kids so that they continue to eat or drink their products. This documentary is a bleak, unflinching look at how well you treat yourself. Something that is hit home with increasingly concerned doctors who monitor Spurlock's health, eventually giving him tips on how to spot critical liver failure. Morbid, but revealing nonetheless, Super Size Me is a must see, especially if you need help spurring you on to lose weight (like me).

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