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by AVForums Jul 7, 2008 at 12:00 AM

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    Sublime (2007) Blu-ray Review
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    The film is presented in 2.40:1 ratio using the 1080P/VC-1 high definition codec. The blacks and the contrast levels are certainly not bad and there's enough colour in the picture to make the images standout. Unfortunately that's where all the good bits end. Whilst there is detail in the picture, the artificial edge enhancements plague it with plenty of jaggies and other video nasties. The movie has a constant grain to it and it soon all becomes rather overpowering and quite disappointing. The video aspects of the movie unfortunately live up to the 'straight to video' tag and in all don't really do the high definition release much justice.

    Sublime (2007) Picture


    Sublime comes equipped with an English 5.1 Dolby Digital soundtrack with English, French and Spanish subtitles. The audio presentation feels sparse and as per the video sides of things it is very much in keeping with being a 'direct to video' movie. A general lack of bass makes the audio a bit lightweight in parts. Although it's true to say there are not many scenes requiring the LFE to be worked over, the bass when used lacks subtlety. Dialogue on the other hand is fine and is very clear and concise. Sound steering is very one directional with the surrounds being used in all but a few key moments. Nothing here will make you jump or add a much needed creepy atmosphere. Unfortunately the sound mix is quite uninspiring and a predictably straightforward affair.
    Sublime (2007) Sound


    The four video extras are all presented in Standard Definition.

    Audio commentary - (113mins) Tony Krantz and writer Erik Jendresen preside over proceedings. Both are highly knowledgeable and impart many in depth details of the film, the choice of scenes and what they were trying to portray. Truth be told they go into far too much detail and along with their rather non-descript voices, the whole thing becomes very monotonous all too quickly.

    Surgical Exorcism - (5mins 25secs) Dr Falks' web cast of a live surgical exorcism in the mountains of Peru. It's a scene taken from the film that's meant to shock those that are into this type of thing. Needless to say I'm still not convinced by it all.

    The Shebeen Josie - (9mins 47secs) A social worker meets the devil at a bar in Africa. A one on one interview scene lasting for nearly 10mins. It's overly long and was probably omitted simply because the length of it detracts from it's impact.

    Music Video - (2mins 27secs) “Have no Fear” by actress and singer-songwriter Bird York. The music is the main score from the movie and is quite a haunting melody.

    Trailers - (3mins 30secs) Two trailers from the Raw Feed stable - “Rest Stop” and “Believers”

    Sublime (2007) Extras


    Sublime is a horror movie that could also quite easily be described as a psychological thriller. It's a movie that due to its modest budget tries to keep to a very limited scope of horror and substitute much of it with intrigue and terror. It's also a movie that relies on the viewer's imagination being receptive and open to this form and approach to filmmaking.

    If truth be told I found the movie hard going and monotonous. It's overly long at nearly two hours and much of the scenes are lengthy drawn out affairs. It may have been far better to have kept the storyline short and punchy with a more concise form of delivery. I feel that would have engaged with far more viewers and a wider audience. The blu-ray package is also bit of a let down. The extras are very limited and add little if any value to the disc. The sound-mix is a rather utilitarian offering and the video is plagued with grain. I'm afraid the sum of the parts do little to encourage you to part with your hard earned cash in order to add this one to your collection.

    However, for all it's considerable faults I nevertheless feel that there will be those that may actually like this film. The horror towards the end is certainly gruesome and tries to give you your moneys worth but it all felt like far too little, far too late on in the film. Sublime didn't strike a chord with me and so I would definitely recommend a rental before you decide otherwise.

    Sublime (2007) Verdict

    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £17.97

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