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by AVForums Mar 14, 2009 at 12:00 AM

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    Street Fighter Blu-ray Review
    SRP: £19.99


    “Street Fighter” is presented in widescreen 2.35:1 with MPEG-4 AVC 1080p coding.

    I have to say that a very good job has been done remastering this fifteen year old movie that did not look very good to begin with. The print seems to have been cleaned up significantly and there were only a couple on instances of print damage. Primary red seems a tad overblown in this presentation and dominates whenever on screen but this could be as a result of the muted nature of all other colours. Although the colours in general can appear a bit drab, the uniforms of the A.N. troops can look very impressive with the predominant powder blues really shining through. The bright outdoor scenes can look very good with nice detail, for example, the badges on the A.N. trooper's uniforms are clearly legible. The scenes inside Bison's fortress contain some good detail as well, with the over the top Judge Dredd-esque uniforms of Bison and his minions appearing well defined. Detail in the background can appear a little soft at times although items in shot live up to BD's standards - check out the snake skin detail on Sagat's eye patch. The contrast ratio is good but never mind-blowing but at least there was no evidence of crushing and shadow detail is acceptable. Eddie Honda's shirts are a highlight of the video presentation!

    A couple of the scenes, such as those of the space satellites and the opening news footage shots, look as though they were ported directly from VHS, with no attempts at remastering. One of these satellite shots looked horrendous, with the planet's horizon melding horribly with the surrounding vastness of space. Thankfully these instances were isolated and infrequent. There was also a fine layer of grain noted in most of the scenes that was enhanced in the darker indoor scenes. In the outdoor scenes this grain was hardly noticeable at all.

    Although a serviceable job has been done with the remastering process, this release still falls a long way short of the standard that is available on other Blu-ray releases. There were also instances where the presentation slipped back into DVD territory with some softness and poor colour representation.

    Street Fighter Picture


    “Street Fighter” comes packed with a Dolby TrueHD 5.1 soundtrack.

    “Street Fighter” does offer a step up from previous releases but the quality of the source material can let the presentation down. Dialogue is crystal clear throughout although it may not have been a bad idea to lower this in the mix to conceal some of the woeful nonsense that's spoken by the characters. Sound effects, while clearly audible, sound as though they were taken from Batman the TV show, and sometimes are out of sync with the on screen action. The surrounds do come into play during the gunfight scenes and the subwoofer has some solid moments (such as when Guile crashes his A.N. hummer through the wall of Sagat's club) but there are long periods where the action is largely front and center.

    The updated “Street Fighter” audio mix, much like the movie's plotline, has a disjointed score that at times really doesn't fit the on screen action. It is for the most part pure cheese with attempts at operatic tension following Bison's takeover failing miserably. In saying that the score has been beefed up for this Blu-ray release and at times can sound very good. There are some nice LFE interludes but for the most part the score lies rooted in the front listening plane with the surrounds not really coming into play too often. The soundtrack features a type of strange 90's rock/electronic funky beats that interject at various stages throughout the movie to enhance the nature of this movie.

    Like the video presentation, the audio presentation has been carelessly edited together and as a result the soundstage can sound muddled and lacked clarity at times. The woeful score and sound effects do nothing to alleviate this problem.

    Street Fighter Sound


    “Street Fighter” comes with a weak selection of extras. We also have the BD live feature which contains trailers and information on up and coming Blu-ray releases. All extras are presented in standard definition, the exception being the stills gallery and Anime trailer which are 1080p. There's also a feature commentary with writer/director Steven De Souza who elaborates on the realistic nature of “Street Fighter”, the plotline, the characters and the actors who play them. Obviously De Souza is slightly delusional about the finished product, and his comment that Van Damme is very authentic in one of the scenes speaks volumes, as does the fact that he focuses on the production values and not the acting for the majority of the commentary!

    “The Making of Street Fighter” (4:3 5.57) - This promotional style feature contains interviews with De Souza, cast and crew as they comment on their characters and on making the movie itself. There's also a corny voiceover that suits the cheesy nature of the movie.

    Deleted Scenes (4:3) - Here we have two deleted scenes from the movie. The first shows Chun Li, Honda and Balrog as they acquire some dynamite. The second also features
    Chun Li as she has a run in with Cammy. Both add nothing to the main presentation.

    Street Fighter Tribute Gallery - A collection of still images containing 279 pieces of artwork with various contributors inspired by the iconic video game. Pretty cool.

    Street Fighter IV - Game Trailer (16:9) - Trailer for the newly released video game.

    Street Fighter IV - Anime Movie Trailer (16:9) - Looks about as cheesy as the 1994
    effort but at least the characters do their special moves.

    Trailers (16:9) - High definition trailers for “Hancock” and “You Don't Mess With The Zohan” as well as the Blu-ray promotional trailer.

    Street Fighter Extras


    Although I spent many a long hour trying to string together massive combo's and attempting Gouki's death touch I could find nothing in this movie that brought the nostalgia of the Street Fighter games flooding back (apart from Bison's controls which resemble an arcade stick). De Souza makes a horrendous mistake with the misconception that the characterisation and acting skills on display will keep the audience interested in this movie. With awful dialogue and poor execution from the cast, he couldn't have been more wrong, and I failed to find any redeeming features for this clanger of a movie. In the case of “Street Fighter” it does not even have the “so bad it's funny” value. An appalling movie containing atrocious acting, a woeful plot and none of those special moves (true to the video game) that many would have expected to see.

    While the audio and video presentations have been cleaned up significantly for this release, the quality of the source material and poor editing has created a muddled and disjointed presentation that mirrors the choppy nature of the movie itself.

    The extras package is lacking although is does give a brief insight into the making of the movie and also features trailers for “Street Fighter IV”. Overall this really is only for diehard fans of the movie.

    “For you the day that Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life. But for me, it was Tuesday”

    Street Fighter Verdict

    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £19.99

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