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by AVForums Sep 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

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    This is a poor transfer that even fully remastered, as it is here, suffers low contrast, scratches and dirt, suffering from a fuzzy VHS tape-like image. Colours are pale, blacks and contrast are low, and lighting is poor, so that much of the movie unfolds with characters almost completely obscured in darkness.
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    I was very surprised by how clean the dialogue and musical score sounded, given the stereo soundtrack. There was the odd “pop” and “hiss” from the dirty original and some situations where sound was distant through the crew being presumably unable to get any closer to their subjects.
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    Extras are divided into those which are relevant to the movie, and those which are shameless Troma DVD propaganda. The best of the good stuff is a 10-minute interview with producer Ann Barish, and a full-length commentary by Director Lech Kowalski. Kowalski hung out with Spacely for three months prior to filming and the commentary discusses some of the things he saw whilst shooting that he will not forget anytime soon...
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    Watch this and you will not look at a needle again without seeing a flashback from this movie. [b]Story of a Junkie[/b] is gritty, it's dirty, and it's compelling to watch. But perhaps most important of all - every bit is true.
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