Stargate:DTS Special Edition DVD Review

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by Phil Hinton Feb 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Stargate:DTS Special Edition DVD Review
    SRP: £22.30


    Some previous releases of Stargate have been presented in non-anamorphic widescreen and have exhibited some large amounts of edge enhancement. Thankfully both versions of the movie presented in this set are Anamorphic and there's very little sign of the dreaded edge enhancement. In fact the image on both cuts looks very good indeed with strong colours which are well saturated and never produce any signs of bleed or bloom.

    The print is also sharp with no signs of digital artefacts and no signs of dirt or scratches on the print, however in the directors cut added scenes do look somewhat washed out compared to the main print, but it is not overly distracting. Overall this set looks very good when compared to other release of the movie.
    Stargate:DTS Special Edition Picture


    Presented here in Dolby Digital EX and DTS ES Discrete is a newly remixed soundmix which ups the quality when compared to previous releases. The surrounds are used to great effect and for a ten year old film the track is very dynamic and enveloping. Arnold's score is the biggest improvement and it sounds epic surrounding the sound field to great effect. Bass levels are also used to great effect with massive amounts of 25hz or lower bass used to underpin the action on screen. Comparing the two formats it is clear that the DTS flavour is by far the most forward, offering a wider sound stage and a more dynamic feel to proceedings, but that's not to say the DD version is bad, it just can't provide the overall impact of the DTS mix.
    Stargate:DTS Special Edition Sound


    On disc one we get a fully comprehensive making of documentary which covers all aspects of the making of the film, you can choose to watch each segment on its own or you can play all. There are two trailers and a commentary track also provided on this disc. The only extra on the second disc is a comical (it's not ment to be, but I found it funny) feature on whether the early cultures on this planet where visited by aliens. And that's your lot, and its interesting that the extras are identical to the R1 disc. All the menu screen have some English to help with selections.
    Stargate:DTS Special Edition Extras


    A great Sci-Fi yarn presented on a comprehensive two disc set which provides excellent video and audio which supersedes previous editions of the film on disc. Recommended.
    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £22.30

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