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Stargate SG-1 Review

Hop To

by AVForums Mar 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    This is the second disc of four episodes for Series 8 and has been released to coincide with Volume 38. Of the two, I would have to say I enjoyed this collection better. These episodes are quite varied and have some great individual plots away from the usual universal politics that sometimes become too strong a theme.

    Icon: The team's appearance, among a new society who have previously stored the Stargate as a museum piece, sparks intrigue and uproar. A war breaks out and threatens to destroy a civilisation. Daniel attempts to correct their beliefs and bring back peace again.

    Avatar: Using the virtual reality chair that SG-1 initially discovered way back in Series 2 the SGC experiment with a battle scenario. Underestimating the chair's processing abilities leaves Teal'c trapped in a loop trying to fight against a seemingly undefeatable enemy. The longer he is left in the chair the greater the danger that he will have heart failure.

    A simple storyline but it works brilliantly and this is easily my favourite of the four.

    Affinity: At last an episode that provides a little more insight into Teal'c. He gets his own apartment in normal suburbia away from the SGC. Unfortunately Teal'c cannot help getting involved in one of his neighbour's problems and all sorts of mayhem ensue. He unwittingly disappears with his neighbour only to be wanted for murder and kidnapping. Meanwhile Carter's love interest proposes to her and leaves her with a big decision that cannot be made lightly.

    This is another good story that is refreshing to see as it explores the characters' personal lives further, something that is probably overlooked somewhat. The Star Trek franchise have always explored this avenue of character development more which they often wrap around rich and interesting storylines that you can relate to on a personal level. Whilst sometimes this can mean a flooding of good morals and sentimentality it never-the-less aids in warming the viewer to the character.

    Covenant: Carter is forced to explain all to a leading company directory when he threatens publicly to reveal evidence of life beyond Earth.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this one too. Though how the SG-1 team have managed to keep all those alien attacks secret for so long is a mystery!

    If you are a Stargate fan I am sure you probably have seen these already. Even so, it's a must have disc for your collection. If you are not a Stargate fan, then why are you reading this review? Perhaps this review could tempt you into becoming one of the many fans of this show!