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by Phil Hinton Feb 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Stargate Review
    During an Egyptian excavation in the 1920's a tablet stone and a round device are found under the desert near the great pyramids, the round device is made from materials unknown to man. Decades pass before a young Egyptologist DR Daniel Jackson is hired by the US Government to decode the writing on the tablet stone. It doesn't take him long to crack the code and he is introduced to the Stargate, the device found in the Egyptian desert. The code he has deciphered is entered into the Stargate and a window is opened to another world. A small team lead by Col. Jack O'Neil (Kurt Russell) and accompanied by Jackson are due to go through the gate to investigate and Jackson claims he can restart the gate from the other side to return. Things however don't go as planned and Jackson and the Team are stuck when no Egyptian writing is found at the other side. The team then meet the residents of the strange planet who mistake them as gods and it soon becomes apparent that the Boss is about to return and boy he wont be happy when he finds he has visitors.

    Stargate is a clever Sci-Fi tale which incorporates Egyptology to provide a different twist to the alien visitor theory, where we visited thousands of years ago by aliens? Did they build the pyramids? Director Roland Emmerich provides slick direction and some good special effects to make the action believable and the score by David Arnold helps provide the epic feel the production was aiming for.

    This Japanese two disc set contains the theatrical version of the movie on disc one and the Director's cut on disc two. Both versions feature a DTS-ES soundtrack so is it worth importing?

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