Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope Review

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by AVForums Sep 6, 2006 at 12:00 AM

    Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope Review
    If there *is* any such thing as an unbiased review, I'm afraid you won't find it here.
    When Star Wars was released I was a very impressionable 12 years of age. I remember now being feverishly excited at the clips repeated on programs like Blue Peter. Before going to the cinema I had already learned the dialogue of the Tie fighter attack on the Falcon and the 3PO/R2 tiff upon arrival on Tatooine clips word for word. VHS recorders hadn't been invented yet, but my Dad was at the cutting edge of technology and I had a portable tape recorder. It gave me a distinct edge in 'Quoting Star Wars' competitions. I *was* the Star Wars guru.

    I remember even now the euphoric high which carried me like a magic carpet out of the Clifton cinema (in Wellington, Telford) when my Dad took me to see it for the first time. I raved about it endlessly at school. When I rather flippantly asked our French teacher if she would take the whole class to see it, I was amazed that she agreed. And so Star Wars became the first movie I went to see more than once.

    That was the first time I instigated a trip to see Star Wars. The second time was 20 years later when I organised a works outing. In 1997 more than 20 people felt the same way as me about seeing these movies again.
    All three movies of the original trilogy are released again as Limited Editions on September 12th. All three DVDs come as two-disc sets with the same 'Special Edition' version of the movie as released in 2004 on disc 1 and the 'original theatrical version' on the bonus disc.
    The same audio tracks and commentaries accompany the special editions so the reason for buying these DVDs, then, is purely to own the original theatrical versions of the movies.

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