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Stage Beauty DVD Review

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by AVForums Jan 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Stage Beauty DVD Review
    SRP: £17.99


    There is some murk here, with quality not up to big budget movies. Noise, some blurred scenes, and some slight artifacting soften the image. Colour is intentionally muted, with more vibrant hues used sparingly, if well represented. However, some scenes, confirmed by the director's commentary, are of lesser quality than others so I cannot quite value the picture as anything other than average.
    Stage Beauty Picture


    Surprisingly pacy. Music is well done with remarkably well-handled bass content. Vocals are some of the best I have heard in a while sounding natural and unmediated by artificial tweaking. Rear channels offer a goodly amount of detail, though never particularly obvious. Audience reactions are captured well in this regard with the weighted flow of sound being well judged.
    Stage Beauty Sound


    Director's commentary is a lonely affair with technical details to the fore. Anecdotes of high jinks off camera are not to be found here. The making of... documentary is even more mundane, being a standard mix of interviews with actors on set. Quite disappointing, though the writer in particular does go into more depth than is usual. One extra I can do without is the adverts that I couldn't skip past. Very annoying.
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    Stage Beauty actually makes me want to see a Shakespearian play, something that I vowed not to do after getting Julius Caesar forced down my throat back at school. I suppose that that is as good a recommendation as any.

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