St. Elmo's Fire: Superbit DVD Review

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by AVForums Feb 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    St. Elmo's Fire: Superbit DVD Review
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    The Superbit process really works well on this film. With over ¾ of the disc space used for the picture, the anamorphic presentation is great. The colours are bright and vibrant in the fashion sense. The considerable night time and bar scenes are clear and free of any kind of ghosting or artefacting. Although the film looks dated, the picture looks like it was shot yesterday.
    St. Elmo


    The disc supplies us with a Dolby 5.1 mix and DTS. I checked out the DTS track for reviewing the movie. The sound is very 'front heavy' with mainly the centre speaker used for the dialogue (it is quite a 'talky' film). The frontal left and right speakers are used to great effect with some brilliant separation especially with subtle little effects. The surrounds are used only in the noisy bar scenes and when the 80's soundtrack kicks in (remember John Parr's theme song?). I have only one criticism, the subwoofer channel seemed almost redundant and only about 35-40 minutes in to the film did the surrounds kick into life. Just a small little gripe there. I tested a couple of scenes with the Dolby Digital and to be fair I could find not much difference. The DTS did sound that little bit better. Although if you don't' have DTS you won't miss that much.
    St. Elmo


    None except some subtitles, this is a SUPERBIT release after all.
    St. Elmo


    St. Elmo's is still a great little film. Not quite the 80's classic as Top Gun or Ferris Bueller's Day Off but a well intentioned and acted film. It does seem a strange choice for a SUPERBIT title as it's won't really test any home cinema set up. The picture and sound are great however, I've never seen the film in widescreen or even stereo, so it was a nice pleasant experience.
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