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by AVForums May 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Spirited Away Review
    On the way to their new home Chihiro and her parents happen upon what appears to be a derelict amusement park. Despite her objections, they go through a dark tunnel and find what appears to be a number of restaurants stocked with food. Unfortunately when her parents start to feast on the food they are mystically transformed into pigs, starting Chihiro on an adventure to find a way to return her parents and herself to the human world and away from this mysterious land ruled by spirits, witches and other mystical creatures.

    “Spirited Away” has won numerous awards and is the most popular film in the history of Japanese cinema, having seen this DVD I can say both of these accolades are well deserved. This is simply an excellent movie. The spirit world it portrays along with the characters we meet during Chihiro's adventures, are both magnificent creations. The story is very much what Miyazaki fans will expect with doses of familiar fairy tale elements, witches living in cottages for example, and anime style animation. Speaking of the animation, it is simply first rate, with moments that catch you out such as the gargoyle that Chihiro passes on her way toward the entrance and the realism of the wind on the grass

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