Speedlink Obsidia Ergonomic Mouse Review

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Comfortable to use but a little pricey!

by Greg Hook Mar 8, 2017 at 8:38 AM

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    Speedlink Obsidia Ergonomic Mouse Review
    SRP: £29.99

    What is the Speedlink Obsidia?

    Most of us use a PC on a daily basis, one that is either full of expensive components or has a high-end monitor, but then oddly we will put up with a cheap keyboard with the letters wearing off or an uncomfortable mouse that causes wrist strain after prolonged use. With the plethora of mice available on the market there really is no excuse to not find one that works the best for you.

    Following on from our last mouse review, the Speedlink Omnivi Gaming Mouse, Speedlink have now provided us with another of their newly released mice. The Speedlink Obsidia is aimed squarely at those who want the most comfortable mouse possible and don’t want to pay a fortune to get it. Retailing at just £29.99, it has an ergonomic ball design to it which is intended to reduce wrist strain and maximise comfort along with a DPI switch and additional buttons. Read on to see it fares during our testing...

    Design and Specification

    The Obsidia is a wired mouse with an all-black ergonomic right handed design (sorry lefties). With a rounded ball shape, comfort is the main aim here with very little other features to speak of. It has a rubberised surface and a thumb rest for additional comfort.

    it’s very much in the budget market with a plastic base, optical sensor, 6 non-programmable buttons including a DPI switch and has no LED lighting or customisable features. The standard non-braided USB cable is 1.8m long and the mouse weighs just 100g.

    Speedlink Obsidia Ergonomic  Design and Specification

    • 6 Button USB Mouse
    • Ergonomic design for right-handed use
    • Thumb recess for increased comfort
    • Precise optical sensor with adjustable resolution from 800 to 3,200dpi
    • dpi switch for toggling between four sensor settings
    • 2D scroll wheel with precise notches
    • Rubberised finish for comfort and an ultra-secure hold
    • Quick and easy installation – no additional drivers needed
    • Cable length: 180cm
    • Dimensions: 87 × 113 × 44mm (W × D × H)
    • Weight: 100g


    As already mentioned this is a no frills mouse, so no driver software is available for it. It is simply plug and play. With no customisable buttons or any lighting features there is no configuration software to download either. You simply plug it in and start using it.

    The mouse has 6 buttons in total, the standard left and right, middle scroll wheel, DPI switch and two web browser forward and back buttons. It is unfortunate these can’t be changed, whilst gamers could use this mouse it’s severely lacking in any functions that a gamer would want such as macros for example.

    The optical sensor DPI can be adjusted via the DPI switch from 800 to 3,200 DPI. Again, the ranges are fixed and can’t be tweaked. Whilst it doesn’t have any lighting, if you are in a dark room and need to find something just lift the mouse up as the red optical light is very bright indeed!

    How does it feel?

    Despite being a no frills mouse, the comfort and feel is the key feature here. It’s designed to maximise comfort so if it fails here then it really is in trouble. Thankfully it does really feel very comfortable indeed. Initially it feels a bit awkward as your hand is slightly more forward in position than on other mice but once that has passed you do get used to it.

    Speedlink Obsidia Ergonomic  How does it feel?

    Depending on your hand size, you will often find the base or palm of your hand is not fully on the mouse which can cause discomfort, however with the Obsidia the whole of your hand nicely curves with the shape of the mouse giving maximum support. The buttons themselves feel responsive and work with the same pressure across a big area which should help to cover a wide range of hand sizes.

    The thumb rest is a good size and nicely supports the thumb with the two browser buttons well placed for ease of use. The middle scroll wheel does feel a little clicky if we are being really picky. Overall it does succeed in its main aim of being a comfortable to use mouse.


    OUT OF


    • Very comfortable to use
    • Plug and Play
    • Thumb rest
    • Additional buttons


    • A little pricey
    • No customisation
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    Speedlink Obsidia Ergonomic Mouse Review

    Should I buy the Speedlink Obsidia Ergonomic Mouse?

    At £29.99 the Speedlink Obsidia Ergonomic Mouse does what it says on the tin. The ball shaped design to it maximises comfort and helps to prevent wrist strain. It’s isn’t feature rich missing any gaming focused features such as lighting or macros, it’s simply plug and play but it does have a DPI switch and additional buttons.

    What alternatives are available?

    At a price point of under £30 the mouse market is very crowded indeed. With plenty of suggestions if you search for ‘ergonomic mouse’. Microsoft’s own Sculpt mouse at £29.99 offers a similar design but with a couple of additional features. Looking further at brands such as Anker, ergonomic mice even with wireless can be found for just £15, so at £29.99 the Speedlink Obsidia does look a little overpriced. It’s not widely available online yet, so hopefully when it is the price may be reduced somewhat to become more competitive.

    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £29.99

    The Rundown

    Build Quality






    Value For Money


    Comfortable to use




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