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by Phil Hinton Mar 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Speed Review
    Homer Simpson: “This reminds me off a movie I saw where a bus had to SPEED around LA and the bus couldn't lose it's SPEED or it would blow up! I believe it was called the bus which couldn't slow down”

    A director who promised much, this was arguably Jan DeBont's finest hour and a half. Speed took hold of the Action/Thriller Genre and gave us an original premise which at the time was full of new ideas. The plot is simple, there's a bomb on a bus, once it goes over 50mph the bomb arms, once the bus slows it blows up. Enter super cop Keanu Reeves to try and save the day and commuter girl Sandra Bullock to drive the bus. Will the nut case (Dennis Hopper) get his $3m or will Keanu get his man, and woman.

    For all it's originality watching this movie again I couldn't help but notice some glaring plot holes and problems with the premise. The bus is doing 50mph but in one scene bounces off parked cars yet doesn't lose speed, or when they take a 90 degree corner yet keep the bus going? Alright maybe I am being a little unfair because the first time I saw the movie on its release I loved every minute and the movie is paced fast enough to gloss over the plot holes present. But Keanu's acting truly is that of a tree, yet Bullocks career took off after her fine performance as a bus driver.

    The edition we review here is the Japanese Ultimate Edition which is spread over two discs and comes in really nice digipak packaging. So how does it compare with the R1 Five Star edition and the UK two disc set?

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