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by AVForums Oct 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Species Review
    Almost 10 years old, Species (directed by Roger Donaldson) is typical run-of-the-mill B movie fodder. The plot revolves around a human/alien hybrid which is bred by a team of scientists (led by Ben Kingsley), who escapes after they decide to terminate the experiment. Growing at a rapid rate, our alien (Natasha Henstridge) finds her way to LA and begins the soon-to-be messy task of finding a mate, so she can breed.

    Enter the hit squad; a team of professionals comprising amongst others the assassin (Michael Madsen), the psychic (Forest Whittaker), the anthropologist (Alfred Molina), and the scientist (Marg Helgenberger), who are tasked with tracking down the alien and destroying it.

    So begins a chase where the hit squad are always just a little too late, where Henstridge gets naked a lot, and where the body count steadily grows as she tries in vain to find her “perfect” mate...

    Let's be honest, Species isn't exactly high-brow stuff, and doesn't really make any effort to be anything other than standard B-Movie fare. The plot advances in a by-the-numbers way, and although the characters are wooden and the script pretty dead (there's some top class actors here, but none of them really get a chance to shine), the amount of toned naked flesh and gore helps things along, if that's your thing. Species is good dumb fun, and if you're happy with that then you're sure to enjoy it.

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