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by AVForums Mar 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Spanglish Review
    Another Adam Sandler film. Hmmm. I have never been able to make my mind up about this guy. I think he seems to have the potential to be really funny but I have always struggled with his stuff. I have to be honest and say that I can't think of a film I particularly enjoyed with him in it, but having said that I don't have any pre-conceived expectation when I watch his work. I tend to have a very open mind when a new film of his comes out as I am convinced I will at some point find it thoroughly enjoyable.
    I am also a little confused as to how to describe his movies. Initially I would have said that he is a comedy actor; now I say this loosely as I struggle like mad to find any of his 'comedy' movies remotely funny, ('The Waterboy' springs to mind. I actually got three quarters through this and turned it off. Hmm. Not my cup of tea at all!). His recent efforts though seem to be a little further away from the comedy role as this film is more of a drama. There are a couple of comedic elements to it, but not enough to label it a comedy.

    This story is told from the perspective of a little Spanish girl whose school assignment is to write an essay on the person she most looks up to. She chooses her Mom, Flor, (pronounced Florrrrrrrrrrrr!). So begins the tale of their move from Spain to America to start a new life after Flor's marriage break down. She finds work by being a cleaner for Adam Sandler's onscreen family.

    From this point onwards the focus moves more towards the problems surrounding this dysfunctional family which all become blindingly apparent to Flor. Compounded with the language barrier, the difference in cultures and the Mom of the family and her obsessive behaviour this accounts the lives of the two very different families.

    Whilst I sort of enjoyed this film. I can't really recommend it for anything other than a rental viewing on a Sunday afternoon when there is nothing else to do. The film did not really go anywhere, did not appear to have much structure to it and did not really come to any conclusions. I felt disappointed at the end. It was almost like watching an episode of a soap, except that I couldn't wait till tomorrow to find out what else happened.

    Even though I have still not seen an Adam Sandler movie that I have completely enjoyed I am still keen on seeing his future releases. I am sure there is potential there to entertain me. I imagine he has his ardent fans that like everything he has done, in the same way Jim Carey has fans that either hate him or love him. I am stuck in the middle with my views on Adam Sandler, but am determined that I will soon see something that changes my opinion.

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