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by AVForums Mar 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Spanglish DVD Review


    This is a very clean transfer. Images are very sharp and fine detail is apparent in every scene. Colours are warm and rich. There is no evidence of grain and images are delivered with the utmost clarity. Attention has been paid to the encoding as even dark scenes, (which can often incur a slight element of blocking or pixilation), are presented without fault. I can't even imagine a Superbit version would be any improvement over this, unless watched on a larger screen (32inch or greater).
    Spanglish Picture


    Sound is certainly adequate. I always find this a hard one to score with this type of film. I am a big fan of sound steering effects that really gives you the feeling of being in the action, but this is neither an action film nor a film that requires you to be too involved. Being a drama you tend to want to sit back and absorb the story as opposed to want to feel like you're in the centre of it. This is reflected in the sound as there are no bullets whistling past or spaceships spinning around you and rightly so. Instead the sound is pretty subtle. The birds in the trees are still behind you and the sound of cars on the street are still on the right side of the soundstage as they should be when dictated by the image on screen. I can't fault the sound as it does a fine job. The same clarity that has been applied to the encoding of the picture has been used here with the sound. There is crispness to every sound effect. Whilst it won't be the disc you would choose to show off your new surround sound kit it is good example of how a disc of this genre should be presented.
    Spanglish Sound


    There are a good number of extras bundled with this disc. The almost obligatory commentary is present here and gives an interesting insight into the film making process. Additional scenes are included here, which I think are always an interesting feature, but there is nothing here that really benefits the viewer and I can understand why they were left out during the editing process. 'The Making of Spanglish' is the best feature on here and provides interviews with the cast and behind the scenes footage.
    Spanglish Extras


    Despite the quality of the production of this disc; from the flawless picture quality to the crisp sound delivery I cannot really give this disc any more than a 6 rating. After all, entertainment factor is not just measured on the audio and visual prowess. A decent script, storyline and delivery have to be there as well. For me this just wasn't. It will appeal to some out there and if you are an Adam Sandler fan then you'll be chomping at the bit to tell me I'm wrong! Fortunately for me you don't get your say!

    It's not a terrible film. I certainly enjoyed moments and the general premise of the film was a good idea. There were a number of 'nice' moments, but there was just not enough to leave me satisfied.

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