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by AVForums Sep 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Soul Plane Review
    Now I am all for a little close to the knuckle toilet humour. I enjoy most of the Farrelly brothers' output, I laughed at some parts of American Pie; hell I even smirked on the odd occasion at Scary Movie. Well let me tell you the Soul Plane makes the above-mentioned films look like the combined output of William Shakespeare. Directed with as much subtlety as a mallet to the gonads by first timer Jessy Terrero, Soul Plane is like the combined comedic force of Bernard Manning and Roy “Chubby” Brown in a competition to see whose jokes can offend the most people. It begins with a man being sucked down an airplane toilet and ends with a blind man fingering a jacket potato in the mistaken belief he has his hand in the lap of the woman sat next to him, and there is nothing in-between that can remotely pass for humour in any corner of any country anywhere in the world. Even the Aussies won't laugh at this, and they laugh at Paul Hogan! However being an unfunny comedy is not this movies biggest sin. No, by far its worst offence is just how racially stereotypical and abusive it is. Tom Arnold plays Mr Hunkee (pronounced Honkee) who is flying home with his family from Cracker Land (cracker being a racial slur for Caucasians) He finds himself on flight 69 of NWA Airlines, and is the butt of the entire airplanes contempt until a Middle Eastern passenger gets on board and then...well you can imagine. At least it is uniform in its racial stereotypes as African Americans are depicted as foul mouthed, jive talking, bling bling wearing, work-shy social scroungers. Utterly contemptuous. The “Love Thy Neighbour” of its decade.

    The story? What little there is centres around Nashawn (Kevin Hart - much funnier in Scary Movie 3) who is awarded $100M when his ass is sucked down the toilet and his pet dog gets sucked into the jet engine of a 747. He decides to use the money to set up NWA Airlines in competition, and the movie takes in the inaugural flight. Essentially a series of stunningly unfunny sketches, the movies one redeeming feature is a rather good soundtrack which provides the one mildly amusing moment when the crew perform a pre flight safety video to the tune of “Survivor” by Destiny's Child.

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