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by AVForums Jun 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Soldier Blue Review
    In the 1860s, when his cavalry troupe
    is massacred by Cheyenne, naïve
    young trooper Honus (Peter Strauss)
    is rescued by a white girl, Cresta (sexy
    Candice Bergen) who has been living with
    the natives.
    Despite his horror at her unladylike
    ways - she spits and doesn't wear pants
    - and her dismissive attitude to white
    society, Honus falls for Cresta, and they
    try to make their way back to her village,
    despite being diverted by a gun-runner
    (Donald Pleasance) who wants to take
    them back to 'civilization'. When they do
    arrive at the village, though, it's just in
    time to get caught up in a punitive
    massacre in which men, women and
    children are slaughtered by an
    undisciplined cavalry regiment.
    With its folksy Buffy Sainte-Marie
    soundtrack, eccentric performance from
    Donald Pleasance and heavy-handed
    social message, Soldier Blue is definitely
    a film of the '70s. Though it's based on
    actual events, most of it is broadly comic,
    so it's hard to say whether its slowmotion
    violence and graphic scenes of
    rape and mutilation were anything more
    than titillation. Basically all these themes
    were tackled much better in Little Big
    Man. Whatever the case, after a long
    history of cuts this movie probably
    deserves to be seen as the director
    intended, and this 110-minute version
    seems to be the version certificated in
    2000, lacking some four minutes of
    material. The US version is even more
    cut, so if you want the full 114-minute
    version, get the German edition Das
    Wiegenlied Vom Totshlag, available as an
    R2 DVD with an English soundtrack from

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