Sleepy Hollow Review

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by Phil Hinton Jan 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Sleepy Hollow Review
    It is 1799 and Constable Crane (Johnny Depp) is working the very mean streets of New York. Crane is a different type of policeman in that he favours forensic science to help solve crimes, a notion that is frowned upon by his superiors. Crane is despatched to a small settlement in the Hudson Highlands where something strange is going on and where people are literally losing their heads. As Crane investigates he meets up with the daughter of the richest man in town and possible witch, Katrina (Christina Ricci), who becomes the love interest for this tale. But will they trace the identity of the headless horseman and stop the attacks?

    Director Tim Burton (Beetlejuice, Batman, Ed Wood) brings this old American fairytale to life in his now famous dark style. You either love or hate Burton's visual style of movie making, but it works a treat here, adding a very old fashioned sense of foreboding doom for our heroes. There are some very good performances from the cast and Burton's direction is first class. The story is maybe a little weak, but the overall package is worthy of two hours of your time (as is Ricci with blonde hair!).

    This R2 Japanese disc features English menus and the subtitles can be switched off easily from the remote control.

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