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by AVForums Feb 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Sin DVD Review
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    The picture is a 1.85:1 anamorphic print. Outdoor scenes are shot in the desert and are bright to the point of being washed out at times. Film grain is apparent at this time to a level that will disturb your viewing. Dark scenes inside the church have a murky feel to them without the nice rich blacks you would expect. Colour fidelity is pretty accurate with good skin tones; especially in facial close ups, of which there are a lot. These shots also deliver excellent details in the skin textures. Digital encoding is good, indeed probably above average. There is however minor amounts of edge enhancement and halos, again most obvious in brightly lit desert scenes. The thing is you won't care about the picture quality because you will have switched off or fallen asleep long before.
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    The movie opens up with club and dance music in a rave scene. This produces excellent deep bass, which is rounded with nice sharp transients, really atmospheric. Unfortunately this is the highlight and it is at the beginning, a case of premature auriculation? Beyond this the soundtrack is mostly clean, with clear vocals and the occasional surround effect. Front soundstage is adequate and has some nicely placed off screen action that should have a well-balanced system making you turn your head in surprise. But once again I will reiterate the fact that I seriously doubt you will get this far, or really care what the soundtrack is like if you do.
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    Err lets see. Four laughably bad trailers for four more straight to video rubbish that redefines the term mediocre. At least I know not to look for my diamond in this dung heap.
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    One point for having a reasonable sound and video encoding, one point for getting the movie made - 'cos I believe this is no small feat, and one point for managing to convince Ving Rhames and Gary Oldman to spend one minute of there time making this large mound of excrement in the first place. I realize that only 4 people will read this review, but if I can prevent just one person from watching it, I will consider it time well spent. My search for the Holy Grail continues.
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