Simpsons, The: The Complete Fourth Season DVD Review

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by AVForums Aug 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Simpsons, The: The Complete Fourth Season DVD Review
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    Very cleanly transferred and such a nice break from the mess we're used to from Sky (or worse still terrestrial!). Colours are strong, a little colour bleed but barely noticeable given the animated nature of the material.
    Simpsons, The: The Complete Fourth Season Picture


    The original Dolby Pro Logic soundtrack has been remastered into Dolby Digital 5.1 - something that has not been done on other Simpsons DVD releases. Comparing to DVD episodes that haven't had the Dolby Digital treatment, Season Four has a cleaner sound with what little environmental effects that were originally used being more apparent in the surround and LFE channels. Still not the most involving of soundtracks but the best you'll ever hear these episodes sound!
    Simpsons, The: The Complete Fourth Season Sound


    This box set is literally crammed to the brim with extras. There's oodles of material that even the most die hard Simpsons fan will find enjoyable. One feels privileged that so much effort has gone into the extras. Matt Groening, James L Brooks and stars commentate on every episode. More an insight into the creators history than the actual episode itself, but the real Simpsons geek (me) will still soak up every single word they say!!

    Disc One includes two featurettes; one outlining the Simpsons run-in with former President Bush (we all know the quote: “America should strive to be more like the Waltons, and less like the Simpsons”), and another involving the alleged musical slander of New Orleans in “A Streetcar name Marge”.

    Each submenu on the discs features a different character who carries out their own short animation for each selection made. You've gotta love the extra effort Fox have put in to even the smallest details such as this, although it does half get tedious when you want to quickly browse through the disc to something specific! All in all the extras alone kept me entertained for hours and all credit is due to Fox for really adding value to what could've been just 24 episodes slapped onto a disc.
    Simpsons, The: The Complete Fourth Season Extras


    Well I'm still rubbing the tears of laughter from my eyes now so my advice - go buy this... now.

    Why are you still reading? GO!
    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £29.99

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