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by AVForums Dec 1, 2002 at 12:00 AM

    Shrek Review
    Starring the voice of Mike Myers as the eponymous ogre, Shrek sees our hero forced out of his swamp by the evil Lord Farquaad (say it quickly) and decide to rescue the diminutive despot's intended - the beautiful but whiny Princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz).

    Things get a little complicated however when, along the way, Shrek falls for her and - somewhat against the odds - she falls for him too. Disney may have been the big dog in the CGI animation yard in recent years with the likes of Toy Story and A Bug's Life, but with Shrek, DreamWorks came up with something every bit as good as anything put out by the mutant mouse. While the animation may not be quite up to Pixar's impossibly high standard, the film contains more than enough chuckles to make up for it - including countless spot-on fairy tale gags, as well as some very nice digs at Disney. Best of all though is the number of genuinely affecting moments packed into Shrek's far-too-short 90 minutes. The movie's eponymous hero is the most sympathetic of ogres and you can't help but be moved as he shifts from misanthrope (isolated by his own identity as a fantasy creature) to princess-rescuing hero. The boundary-obliterating dénouement, meanwhile, is just about as liberating as anything we've seen on film in a long time.

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