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by AVForums Jul 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    She's on Duty Review
    Looking at the cover of this disk, you may think that this is a teenager's wet-dream fantasy, with a pretty Asian girl in a schoolgirl outfit, complete with short skirt and socks to the knee. Let me dash your preconceptions right now - this is a cop movie, with practically no form of titillation of that kind in it - unless you count the accidental “kiss” between two female characters. In fact you could call it “Miss Congeniality Goes To School”, because it Hollywood remakes this - I can easily imagine it starring Sandra Bullock.

    Jae-In (Seon-a Kim) is our female protagonist, as seen in the opening sequence she is responsible for a raid gone, as we say, pear-shaped. Angered at her team, because of interference from another officer, not to mention being branded an idiot by him because the idea was to take out the kingpin of a gang that deals in the traffic of teenage girls, she is placed undercover in a school, where her mission is to befriend the daughter of a crook, who will be an informer that is pivotal in the prosecution's case against the gang boss. However, Jae-In wasn't particularly good at school, being the leader of a gang, so she takes to this assignment like Victoria Beckham to a tune (i.e. badly). Things don't go particularly well, within minutes she's being picked on by the female school bully and as the tale progresses, all attempts at becoming friends with the daughter fail miserable. Meanwhile, said boss is also interested in getting his hands on the informer and has made efforts to ensure his silence, by also placing someone at the school. However, one small complication occurs when Jae-In falls for the popular school boy. Will Jae-In make friends and save the day? Will the boss get his man and stop going to jail? Will Jae-In get all sidetracked with romance? Finally, who is the mystery villain at the school?

    If you can't see the obvious parallels to other movies, such as the aforementioned Miss Congeniality, then believe me when you view this, you will. It has such an air of familiarity to it, it's the complete opposite of what we know and love Asian cinema to be - different to Hollywood. This is a prime example of how Asia does Hollywood and to be honest, it's not any better, mind you it's not any worse either. This is a very average movie and nothing more. There's nothing wrong with the acting, everyone does their job well enough and no-one particular stands out - mini skirt or not. One thing I have to comment on though is the soundtrack. Who in their right mind (or wrong for that matter) would think that Irish music would sound like a good idea in a fight scene, especially set in Korea, unless I'm really mistake and Korea is really the home of Leprechauns and such. So, so wrong on a variety of levels - it's like the Dubliners singing in the middle of Enter The Dragon during any fight sequence - just doesn't fit or work on any level. Anyway, back to the film. As I said there's nothing wrong here, for a comedy it doesn't hit my funny bone, but then most Hollywood comedies don't (Anchorman, Dodgeball........NOT funny), so while this doesn't work for me as a comedy, I can see that others would enjoy it, especially if Sandra Bullock comedies are your thing, because it just simply feels like one.

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