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by Casimir Harlow Apr 1, 2006 at 12:00 AM

    With so many decent TV shows out there that get cancelled in their prime, I am doubly upset when I come across a series that just should never have been commissioned in the first place. Maybe it's my sense of humour, maybe it's the fact that I have a shred of taste, but She Spies is simply terrible viewing. I have no idea how this show came into existence, who pitched it in the first place, or what drugs they were on, but the result is something that simply never should have been.

    She Spies is about three beautiful convicts who are given one last chance at freedom if they go to work for an elite spy agency. You like the premise? It sounds a bit like Nikita - a Luc Besson classic - only here there's a catch. It's a comedy. An outright comedy, even more self-mocking than Pam Anderson's V.I.P. (if that's possible) Right from the outset these 'she spies' (and by the way, I never knew the word spies was associated with men only) cannot get anything right. They bump into windows, argue over which wire to cut (citing previous movie choices in their decision) on a bomb and even trip over themselves - and that is just on a training op. These girls are seriously lame.

    The first season sees them sent on numerous stupid assignments, whether to pose as supermodels, act as bodyguards to precocious teenagers, dress up in bunny outfits or go undercover on comedy shows. They even get trapped in their own apartment - that's how silly the episodes get. Of course, it's all just a big pretence to enable the girls to act in a stupid manner, crack jokes with each and every line and fumble their way to victory.

    So what makes it so bad? Well, I've heard comparisons to Charlie's Angels, the aforementioned V.I.P. as well as spy spoofs like James Coburn's Flint adventures. Sure, it had the potential to be as entertaining as every one of these productions, but they just went too far in the joke department, taking a shotgun approach at the audience and hoping that - with sheer volume - some of the jokes will trigger a laugh. I was so knocked back by the terrible acting, terrible scenes and horrendous humour that I failed to like any of it. There was simply nothing of any interest to me.

    The three protagonists are played by Natasha Henstridge (of kit-off Species fame), Kristen Miller and Natashia Williams (both of whom appear to have started off in Saved by the Bell and not progressed much further). Henstridge should provide the sex appeal and Miller is certainly cute, but none of them are in the least bit sexy in this show, they just grate. I don't know whether it is because they are so dumb, because they all think they are so smart with their wisecracks or whether they just don't have the ability to act, but all of the above detract from their overall attractiveness. Is there anything good to say about this show? Well, its humour must have hit the right spot with some people out there because otherwise it would have never made it to a second season, but personally I cannot fathom why anybody would bother watching this.

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