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by AVForums Jan 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Shameless: Series One DVD Review
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    Not too good, even taking into consideration the TV origins. The picture is soft to the point of being blurred at times, with a grainy rough texture at the same time. Colours are rendered quite well, but seem to be washed out, almost as if the series was made five years ago, but was only recently found and shown on TV. Because of the les than sharp picture there is a lack of fine detail, which robs Shameless of some of the fantastic set designs (the pub is superbly done). As with most images that are less than perfect, there are some examples of digital blocking, especially with obliquely viewed panes of plain colour - walls and such like. This is not a disc to buy for the picture quality.
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    Only 2 channel audio, here. There is nothing especially good about the sound quality. While dialogue is always understandable, there isn't any ultra clear speech nor is there an especially good use of bass or treble values. Musical cues are sparse but work okay, adding to the mood of whatever scene is scored. Even using Logic 7 I couldn't extract anything other than an adequate if unexceptional sound field.
    Shameless: Series One Sound


    There are only two extras, which is disappointing as there is clearly a lot of autobiographical content here. This is explained somewhat by the interview with Paul Abbott, creator of Shameless and the superb State of Play. Some of the motivations within Shameless are explored and vindicated in some cases. He touches on what some have seen as a paedophilia story, but was actually aimed at mob culture that springs from such origins. The younger members of the cast carry out cast interviews themselves. Some of the responses are moderated, because of the younger interviewer's age but most seem to be candid recollections of past moments.
    Shameless: Series One Extras


    Some of my comments may be tosh to some people. Indeed I know quite a few folk who like Shameless. I liked the series myself in spots, but they were just too few and far between. I just wished that Shameless could have handled the seedier aspects with more finesse like The Full Monty, rather than with blunderbuss bluntness.
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