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by AVForums Sep 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Seed Of Chucky DVD Review
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    Presented in an anamorphic 1.85:1 print, picture quality is more or less faultless. There are a lot of blacks in the film, and all are solidly represented. Colours are full and vibrant, and skin tones are replicated accurately and evenly. Details too, are pin sharp and there is no noticeable artifacing or digital compression detected. As this is a new release the print is in fantastic condition, clean and stable with zero evidence of dirt, grain or damage. A top draw transfer, this gives Mancini's gothic puppetry a superb visual platform and looks absolutely great.
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    The film is presented with both a DTS and also a Dolby 5.1 soundtrack. Both are perfectly adequate and crystal clear (although the DTS naturally holds a slight advantage with an ounce of extra clarity and precision). The sound loses a mark for being predominantly front heavy. This is a dialogue-heavy comedic film so that's to be expected, but the rear speakers only get a workout when there is some serious chaos onscreen. Aside from this disappointment, otherwise the soundtrack performs admirably with clear dialogue, evenly balanced sound and decent use of the LFE channel. A solid selection, although you could be forgiven for expecting a little more 'get up and go' than what is offered here.
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    There's more than enough extras here to keep the average Chucky devotee engrossed. Top of the pile is the audio commentary with Mancini and Jennifer Tilly. The pair sound like they are clearly enjoying themselves in a lively discussion which gives some interesting anecdotes and information on the film and its production. Next up is 'Conceiving the Seed of Chucky', a feature on the film and the franchise in general which is informative, if a little glossy around the edges. There is a short interview featurette 'Fuzion Up Close' which is mildly diverting, and a slideshow, with input from Chucky and co. Rounding off the selection are cast and filmmaker biographies, and a text-based diary from Jennifer Tilly which is an exhaustive account of production if you can stick with it. A very nice package.
    Seed Of Chucky Extras


    Fans of the series should delight in this impressive disc. Although certainly no masterpiece, the film is as mischievous and depraved as Chucky himself, and an entertaining and undemanding 82minutes should be had by all.
    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £15.99

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