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by Simon Crust Nov 27, 2006 at 12:00 AM

    See No Evil Review

    It is true that some films stars appear larger than life; projected on to the big screen giving them a persona that reaches seven or more feet tall. It's very rare that a film star ever reaches these dizzy heights in real life; Peter Mayhew would be one, Richard Kiel would be another, and now to add to those ranks is Glen Jacobs, better know (to some at least) as the wrestler Kane. At seven feet tall, he is the perfect size and shape to play a psychotic murderer obsessed with removing people's eyes because that's where the sin resides. Luckily that was exactly the part he was cast for in See No Evil, a Lionsgate and World Wrestling Entertainment financed horror flick filmed in the outback of Australia.

    The plot is very simple; traumatised cop shepherds eight criminals on a hotel clean up program. Within the hotel resides a serial killer obsessed with removing his victims' eyes, who, one by one, brutally and sadistically butchers everyone. Characterisation? Forget it. Reality? Forget it. A good film? Nearly. Blood and gore? You bet.

    Gregory Dark the films director hails from a porn and music video past; he proclaims to used fast cutting to appeal to the MTV generation, shame he is a few years too late. The film is a near Saw clone in terms of colour, mood and tone. It has some brutal killings, but not a huge amount of detail, it has some squeamish moments, but a few groans at predictability and not nearly enough flesh on show! Oh it has the obligatory female shower scene but it's all covered up, I mean come on. In this low budget horrorfest everything needs to be thrown at the screen! It is only the brutality of the film that is holding the wafer thin plot together; we care nothing for the characters as there is nothing there to care for. Even a half assed attempt at empathy towards the killer (a terrorising mother - a cross between Psycho and Carrie) seems to get in the way of the deaths. And what deaths they are; axes, meat hooks, eaten by dogs, strangulation by mobile phone in the throat, there is no shortage of ideas. In fact it is the near constant barrage of brutality the won me over; because by the halfway mark I was about to write this film off as a copy cat mishmash without originality or merit. But it is relentless in its approach to the horror and eventually I was swept along with it. If you are into brutality in the Saw mould then you should get some satisfaction from See No Evil, otherwise steer clear, because it's a nasty and cruel picture that needs to be appreciated on that level alone.

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