Seal: Live at the Point Review

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by Phil Hinton May 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    An unknown artist who shot to fame in the late 1980's with Adamski's “Killer”, Seal has gone onto chart topping success in the UK and US. Filmed live on December the 16th 1991 at Dublin's The Point, this DVD captures the entire performance as well as acoustic sets from Church Studios and four promotional videos. Seal's unique fusion of soul, Pop, dance and rock has brought him phenomenal success taking him to the top of the charts in over 24 countries and selling 3 million albums in the process. In 2003 he released his latest album Seal IV to great critical acclaim and reached no.4 in the UK charts.

    Seal produces an energetic and stylish concert to a small intimate crowd in Dublin and he proves why he is so popular with his impressive vocal talent and an energetic set. A must for fans and certainly worthy of a wider audience.

    The Rundown

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