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by Casimir Harlow May 31, 2006 at 12:00 AM

    Scrubs: Season 3 DVD Review
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    This season of Scrubs is presented in a 1.33:1 aspect ratio non-anamorphically enhanced fullscreen transfer. Detail is generally good, with solid clarity, only marginal softness, no edge enhancement and negligible grain. The colour scheme is quite good considering that the show is predominantly restricted to the hospital ward. It all looks quite clinical, but the whites are whiter than white and the blacks allow for reasonable shadowing. Overall the presentation is perfectly good for a TV series like this and is probably the best state the fans are likely to see their favourite show in.

    Scrubs: Season 3 Picture


    We get a decent if unexceptional Dolby Digital 5.1 track to accompany the episodes, with the ever-important dialogue coming clearly and coherently from the frontal array. The effects are relatively unimportant and certainly don't get much surround coverage and the only really noticeably good aspect of the mix is the soundtrack. Filled with great, recognisable tracks (not least the solid opening title song and the song performed by guest stars Polyphonic Spree), the score is also quite chirpy and fun, without ever encroaching on the on-screen proceedings. This is a solid sound accompaniment for Scrubs, which fans who have only known it with its TV audio track will be quite pleased with.

    Scrubs: Season 3 Sound


    There are two Audio Commentaries, both on episodes on the third and final disc. The first is for His Story II, provided by Actor Donald Faison (Turk) and Writer Mark Stegemann. The second is for My Self-Examination by Creator Randall Winston and Actors Donald Faison and Judy Reyes. The observations tend to be towards haircuts and the like, with each and every one of the cast praised but very little background into the production given. There are a couple of anecdotes about goofs and on-set antics and it is nice to have a couple of commentaries included in the box-set but it might have been nicer to have contributions from Zach Braff or John C. McGinley as well.

    Twist and Shoot is a seven minute Featurette on the Directors for this season, looking at the new directors and how hard it is coming into a show like this on its third run. Each director is interviewed, explains how he got involved and what he brought to the series.

    Don't Try This at Home is a five-minute Featurette on some of the stunts used across the season. The creator talks about how the whole stunt theme came from Zach Braff's own predisposition towards physical comedy and then spiralled out of control (particularly in the fantasy sequences). Quite a nice featurette, it is full of funny moments with cast members falling over or hitting something.

    One on One - with 'The Todd' is a five minute Featurette with Robert Maschio talking about his character Todd and his real personality when compared to the character. He is reasonably funny with his anecdotes and this is quite a funny little look at this actor and his role.

    Long-term Residents - Behind Season Three's Unforgettable Guest Star Appearances is a seven minute Featurette on the cameos, from Michael J. Fox, Richard Kline and Harry Boswick (all from Spin City) to Mr. Sulu from Star Trek (George Takei) and Erik Estrada from C.H.I.P.S. Whilst it's nice to have them all listed here, with just excerpts from the relevant episodes and no interviews it is a bit of a pointless featurette.

    What's up Dawg? Spends six minutes looking at the dogs that the various cast and crew have in real life. Various cast members talk about the dogs wandering around set (John C. McGinley voices his particular dislike for dogs) and this is quite a fun, honest addition.

    Scrubs Factor - How Far Will the Cast and Crew Go on a Dare Featurette is just under five minutes long and looks at what the cast and crew get up to on Friday nights, in a kind of Fear Factor way, with plenty of dares being bounced back between them.

    The New Elliot - Watch Her Character Go from Pushover to Knockout Featurette spends six minutes looking at her character's development across the season, how the studios wanted the crew to come up with a sexy female character (which was tough in the medical TV realm) and the end result, with plenty of interviews from the crew and cast, including Sarah Chalke - who plays Elliot.

    Is there a Doctor in the House is a short Featurette which spends just over four minutes looking at the Elliot/J.D. story arc that evolves over the season, with plenty of clips and interviews about their on/off relationship.

    Scrubbed Out - we get 7 Deleted Scenes, totalling about five minutes of extra footage. The scenes with John C. McGinley (Dr. Cox) should have been left in because they are hilarious and it is great that this footage is included here.

    Alternate Lines - A Second Opinion offers us eight scenes with alternate dialogue (effectively Alternate scenes), some of which are actually quite funny.

    The Gag Reel is four minutes long and has plenty of line fluffs and physical goofs, along with a great line from Michael J. Fox about bananas. Presented in fairly low quality video it is still well worth a look and is consistently funny.

    Finally there are Preview Trailers on disc startup for Pirates of the Caribbean 2, Annapolis, Scrubs, Desperate Housewives, Lost, Alias, The Golden Girls and Dinosaurs.

    Scrubs: Season 3 Extras


    Scrubs Season 3 is another great series of the show, which is not showing signs of flagging at all. Watching the adventures of J.D. and his crazy cohorts is as good as it has always been. The DVD presentation with this set is perfectly attractive, with decent video and even better audio, along with a bunch of interesting, fun extras totally in-line with the style of the show. Fans should already have this in their collection, although newcomers might want to consider going back to the first season. You're unlikely to be disappointed.

    Scrubs: Season 3 Verdict

    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £24.79

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