Scary Movie 3 Review

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by Phil Hinton May 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Scary Movie 3 Review
    “Great Trilogies come in threes,” and “The funniest Scary Movie yet,” hardly install confidence if you happen to have seen the first two Scary Movies in the franchise. However the directors have changed this time out and in steps Airplane and Naked Gun Director David Zucker to try and resurrect the movie parodies. To be honest 3 seems to be the magic number as most people will find something amusing within the film. Using The Ring and Signs as the main areas of parody and adding snippets of 8 mile and the Matrix movies, 3 manages to work very well. The reason is probably the effort the production team have put into the sets and special effects, you actually think you are on the sets of the various movies they are poking fun at.There is certainly nothing in the way of plot present as we meet Cindy (Anna Faris) a TV reporter who thinks that the crop circles and a video tape which kills you after seven days (not business days) are linked. Tom Logan (Sheen) is the farmer who has crop circles appearing in his fields and his buddy George is quitting the farm to follow his Rapping dream. Meanwhile it looks as if the video tape is killing more people including Cindy's friend and the Aliens are coming. This probably all sounds confused and for the most part it is. The movie is basically a sequence of funny set pieces tied together, but it works. The gags come thick and fast and while many may be duds, there is plenty to find funny or at least chuckle at. The various parodies all work well and the short running time helps the cause. Not great, but certainly not as bad as the first two and certainly worthy of your attention, just make sure you have seen the movies they are poking fun at and look out for the many cameos.

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