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by AVForums Mar 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Save The Green Planet DVD Review


    The movie is presented in anamorphic 1.85:1 widescreen. The picture quality is as pleasing as the movie. From crisp, vivid primary colours, to beautiful inky blacks with stunning amounts of shadow detail, this coding is totally state of the art. Edge enhancement? Forget it, there is none. Nor is their any other form of encoding artefacts introduced. The film has a dark tone throughout and long extended scenes are shot in cellars, underground car parks and dimly lit houses. These scenes hold shadow detail expertly, while still giving that punch and verve that only well balanced and wide ranging contrast can impart. This disc rubs shoulders with the best that DVD has to offer.
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    Not content with producing an amazing movie, with a luxurious print, the fabulousness that is Save The Green Planet extends to the awesome soundtrack. From the opening credits, when Byung-Goo kidnaps Kang while a kick ass punk rock version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” blasts from every speaker in your room, to moments of quiet terror during stomach wrenching torture scenes, this soundtrack plays with your emotions. Both the Dolby Digital at 448kbps, and the DTS at 768kbps, do admirable jobs. The DTS track takes the honours but it is only by a nose having a wider more expansive feel, with off screen effects being clearer, and more detailed, but this is a very minor quibble. The musical score should take particular credit as it flows from softly emotive piano solos, to highly charged driving electro-rock. Crank it up to reference levels and feel the pain.
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    The extras are extensive and come on a second disc. Unlike the feature film there are no subtitles so a true reflection of their content is difficult. Most of the extras consist of behind the scenes footage, and cast and crew interviews. I am sure they are very interesting, and they are certainly extensive coming in at over 3 hours worth of stuff. But if you don't speak Korean it loses some of its appeal. There are 9 deleted scenes, introduced by the director, which are worthy of a watch. Also the chapter on the model making and CGI graphics can be followed without understanding exactly what's being said, as can the featurette on the music of the movie.
    Save The Green Planet Extras


    This is a remarkable movie, and a joyous viewing experience. Your pre-conceptions are taken on a rollercoaster ride, as are your emotions. You're not sure how you should be feeling so you just go with the flow, and find yourself in some remarkable places. The discs are only marked down by 1 point because the extras, despite being extensive, are unable to be understood by the majority of UK viewers. Don't let that put you off. See this movie.

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