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A monster UHD Premium TV

by hodg100 Jan 1, 2016 at 8:21 AM

  • What is the Samsung UE88KS9000?

    This 88-inch Ultra HD 4K HDR TV is the largest of Samsung’s SUHD TVs in 2016, dwarfing even the UE78KS9000 and the 65” UE65KS9000. Like the rest of the range the 88-inch model boasts High Dynamic Range Video support, Ultra HD Alliance Premium TV acceptance and quantum dot technology to hit wider colour spaces. Naturally, the 88UEKS9000 sports an Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution – the panel is curved, by the way – and it also possesses Full Array Local Dimming (FALD). The 88-inch KS9000 runs on the Tizen operating system and will come IoT (Internet of Things) ready.

    This is a preview of the forthcoming UE88KS900 model and will be replaced with the full in-depth review as soon as we have measured and reviewed the final retail sample. In the meantime here is a rundown of the features we can expect to see.

    KS9000 Picture Quality Features

    Samsung UE88KS9500 KS9000 Picture Quality Features
    The UE88KS9000 can achieve a claimed peak brightness of 1,000 nits peak brightness, in line with the UHDA Premium specification, which is a large increase over the 2014 models. They should also go pretty black – at worst 0.05 nits – so there should be bountiful contrast levels on hand. What’s more, the moth-eye technology, designed to reduce glare and reflections, mean the KS9000 should be able to hang on to a lot of that dynamic range in challenging environments where lighting is not ideal – i.e. bright; Samsung is calling this innovation, ‘Ultra Black.’ Samsung claims to the KS9000 can achieve 98% of the DCI colour gamut, thanks to the quantum dots, and a FALD backlight should ensure accurate lighting.

    Smart TV and Other Specs

    Samsung UE88KS9500 Smart TV and Other Specs
    Samsung has upgraded and improved their, Tizen powered, Smart Hub and its designed to be the easiest to use Smart TV platform on the planet. They’ve produced a new Smart Remote Control they claim can automatically detect what pieces of equipment are attached to the TV and then be able to control them accordingly. Thankfully Samsung has opened the Smart View mobile app beyond users of their own Galaxy mobile devices with full Android backing plus newly added support of iOS devices and Windows PC. Over 500 streaming and downloadable games will also be available on the 2016 Samsung Smart TVs.

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