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Samsung UE65JU7500 (JU7500) Curved 4K UHD TV

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by Steve Withers Mar 6, 2015 at 10:07 AM

  • What is the Samsung UE65JU7500?

    The JU7500 curved Ultra HD 4K TV represents the top non-SUHD model in Samsung's 2015 TV line-up. The UE65JU7500 is the 65-inch model but the range also includes the UE55JU7500 55-inch model and the UE48JU7500 48-inch version. Aside from the curved screen and Ultra HD resolution, the JU7500 includes Peak Illuminator, Precision Black, Auto Depth Enhancer, Quad-Core processing, the latest Smart TV platform powered by Tizen and the new Smart Controller.

    This is a preview of the upcoming UE65JU7500 model and will be replaced with the full in-depth review as soon as we have measured and reviewed the final retail sample. In the meantime here is a run down of the features we can expect to see.

    JU7500 Picture Quality Features

    Samsung UE65JU7500 JU7500 Picture Quality Features
    The UE65JU7500 incorporates all the latest picture features found on Samsung's 2015 UHD range of TVs and uses a curved screen with an edge LED backlight. It supports Ultra HD 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) and includes Quad-Core picture processing. The JU7500 also features Peak Illuminator, which is designed to boost the brightness of the image by taking energy not being used in dark parts of the image and using it to boost the brighter parts.

    The JU7500 is Samsung's mid-range curved UHD TV with an impressive set of features.

    The UE65JU7500 also includes Precision Black local dimming and Auto Depth Enhancer and we will test all these features fully when the JU7500 comes in for review. It uses a new filter on its curved screen that is designed to reduce unwanted reflections and includes extensive calibration controls. There is the Smart LED local dimming feature with settings for Low, Standard and High, along with the Auto Motion Plus feature that can be used to reduce motion blur. The Quad-Core processing includes numerous picture processing features to maximise the effect of the Ultra HD panel, even on non-4K content.

    Smart TV and Other Specs

    The UE65JU7500 sports a metallic build with a silver brushed metal finish. It has a chamfered bezel and a silver trim around the outer edge, along with a new curved stand. The JU7500 uses the Mini connect system that includes four HDMI 2.0 inputs and three USB ports, along with legacy inputs and a LAN port. The JU7500 also has built-in WiFi and includes all of Samsung's latest Smart TV features.

    There is the new platform, powered by Tizen and the Smart Controller motion remote control. Samsung's Smart platform includes all the major catch-up services and streaming content providers, as well a connectivity and Smart Share features. Finally Samsung also include a Game Mode that significantly reduces the input lag for gamers and it supports active shutter 3D, with two pairs of glasses included.

    The Rundown

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