Rush Hour 2 Review

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by AVForums Feb 1, 2002 at 12:00 AM

    Rush Hour 2 Review
    Hong Kong's finest, Detective Inspector Lee (Chan), and Los Angeles' loudest, Detective Carter (Tucker) are vacationing in Lee's 'crib' when they run into trouble with the local Triads, and find themselves having to prevent millions of counterfeit dollars from flooding the market courtesy of an unscrupulous Las Vegas casino owner. Pitted against these two mismatched cops are a bevy of heavy hitters including Triad Ricky Tan (Lone), his psycho underling (Zhang) and a Secret Service agent (Sanchez) who might just be working for Tan.
    The first half of the film plays the whole fish out of water shtick once again, only this time with Tucker's character finding himself out of his depth in Hong Kong. The second half returns to the good old USA for a big chase and explosions. It's not particularly new, but thanks to the superb pairing of Chan and Tucker, the laughs just keep on rolling. It is a shame that Chan doesn't really get to cut loose with any truly magnificent stunts or fights, but this is still mindless fun of the highest order.

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