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by AVForums Sep 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Rules Of Dating DVD Review
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    This is a really nice transfer. Shot and presented in 2.35:1 and complete with anamorphic transfer, we have striking colours, deep black levels and no obvious edge enhancement. It doesn't suffer from grain, no haloing is evident and the colours don't bleed which is nice as there are some very intense reds on display during this movie - Choi's taste in clothes for example. The only real complaint is the print does show some dust and scratches, which although mostly aren't too bad, sometimes there's the occasional one that isn't forgivable, which is a shame really.
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    Shockingly for an Asian cinema title - no DTS track! However, the Dolby Digital track here is perfectly fine for this movie - indeed I don't think a DTS track would make an iota of difference. Dialogue is clear and easily understood, even if I don't speak Korean, although as an aside the subtitles aren't always correct in what they show. Sonically, it doesn't rely on too much surround wise, but when we have a musical interlude, it comes across loud and distinct creating an excellent ambience - and as the music is very romantic (think Italian restaurants), the strings are very easily distinguishable and sharp - it works very well.
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    On the first disk, we have a commentary track, but no prizes for guessing it's in Korean and therefore I can't even tell you who's participating! Disk 2 is full of extras however, but not only is the menu in Korean, but so are the extras - however the only 2 I can work out from the titles are OST, which relates to the music and Staff, which I assume is Biographies. Having said that, there's certainly plenty here!
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    It's interesting is the best way to describe this movie, as I'm not convinced it's funny, although I did smirk twice while watching it. It's certainly not dull but it's more cerebral than I believed it would be, looking into the dynamic of relationships - and this is not your typical one. It's hard for me to recommend this, but it's harder for me to condemn it as there's nothing fundamentally wrong with it - it could just be me. If you like Asian cinema and you “get” their comedies or the loose synopsis I've given makes you curious then give it a shot.
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