Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Review

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by Phil Hinton Sep 1, 2003 at 12:00 AM

    Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Review
    Escaping from prison in Jerusalem after being captured during the crusades, Robin (Kevin Costner) and his Muslim friend Azeem (Morgan Freeman) make their way back to England. On their arrival Robin learns that his father has been murdered at the hands of the Sheriff of Nottingham (Alan Rickman), so he sets out to have his revenge.

    During the pairs travels they meet up with a group of “outlaws” who are forced to hide out in the haunted Nottingham forest, and after hearing about their plight, Robin vows to help turn the tables on the evil Sheriff. They begin to put together elaborate moves to rob the rich travelling by road through the forest, and give this wealth back to the poor, the rest as they say is history.

    It must have been 10 years since I last saw this film, and I had forgotten many of the details, so after watching it again so many years later I had never realised how dark and Violent the content was before. The movie is still rather enjoyable entertainment with Alan Rickman's performance as the evil Sheriff of Nottingham stealing the show with some great one liners, although Kevin Costner as the hero Robin Hood appears to be rather strained and at times he looks bored.

    The package put together for this release is impressive and certainly makes up for the earlier shameful flipper edition. The cardboard packaging holds an inner folding digipak containing the two discs with nice artwork used. The extra 12 minutes of footage does not add a great deal to the overall story line, but with the original cut having already suffered from poor pacing, the extra 12 minutes certainly don't help matters.

    If you are a Kevin Costner fan this will be a worthwhile package to add to your collection, and it is also good to see back catalogue blockbusters finally getting the treatment they deserve on DVD.

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