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by Simon Crust Dec 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Revolver DVD Review
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    The disc has a theatrically correct 2.35:1 aspect anamorphically enhanced for widescreen TV's picture with an average bitrate of 5.47 Mbps. For such a modern film I was surprised to see print damage, not much, granted, but white specks here and there were clearly visible. Ritchie has used a vivid pallet with this picture, there are scenes of pure violet, red, blue and all shine off the screen with equal clarity. I never witnessed any colour bleed or wash. Contrast and brightness are set to give lovely deep blacks, complimented by the detail level that holds all with pin sharp clarity. It's not all good news though, digitally there were no compression problems, but edge enhancement was clearly visible in a few scenes. On the whole I was pleased with this picture.
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    There are two audio Dolby Digital tracks for the film, English and Russian. Both are exactly the same mix save the dubbing on the Russian. First off I have to mention the bass, seldom have I heard such deep resounding bass outside of DTS, top class. There is plenty of opportunity for the rears to get in on the action, and get in they do. There are some excellent surround effects, subtle as they are in places, but there is never an opportunity lost to show them. However most of the effects were left/right rather than front/back. The score too makes excellent usage of all the speakers really filling the room. Dialogue is always clear and precise without distortion or hiss; Stratham's voice over sounding resoundingly deep and rasping. LF effects are limited to the few gun battles but when they occur are resoundingly good. Very little to fault in this sound track.
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    Revolver is a mess. Starting well, it soon degenerates into pretentious nonsense, and no amount of gloss will alter that fact. Having said that a decent DVD package might persuade people to part with their money, this edition is definitely not it. The film has decent picture and sound but as it leaves such a bad taste it will need some sugar in the form of extras to make it go down. One wonders if there is a special edition around the corner.
    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £17.99

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