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by AVForums Aug 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

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    As I said earlier, the extra money per minute given to a miniseries allows production values to go through the roof. Revelations, if not actually trough the roof, has at least reached the work from home office in the attic. Colour is fine and never seems forced or over produced. Sometimes a layer of digital noise is applied, as is fashionable at the moment, however, this never really works alongside some rather pleasingly smooth and dirt free segments. Detail is lost, compared to the best, in some scenes, but is still present enough when required. The pattern on the puzzle box is clear and sharp, for example, but the scene in the graveyard previous is overly soft. Overall better than average, but with some messily applied ideas.
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    Dolby Digital it may be, but the soundstage is resolutely front bound. Rears are used but mostly for the subtlest of ambience queues, while the odd explosion does waken them up. My sub had actually switched itself off part the way through and I didn't notice until one of the aforementioned explosions. The fact that I didn't miss it says something about the bass light sound mix. This is partly due to content, but a nice sub-sonic rumble when evil is abroad never goes amiss, especially considering the otherwise bromidic soundstage.
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    Interviews, but not good ones. What we have here are those pay, sorry, pat on the back, cloying, self congratulatory “wow I really have a great feeling about this money, I mean movie”. If any of these actors chose the part for any other reason than raw cash I would be amazed.
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    For every Battlestar Galactica there are ten Dune's or Revelation's. I really don't know why, but these miniseries seem to fall over more often than not. Revelations is bad, not only because of a poor story, but also because precedent has proven that with the wealth of material at hand, good stories can be told
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