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by AVForums Jan 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Resident Evil: Apocalypse DVD Review
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    With lots of dark shadowy scenes, it is just as well the picture is very good. There are subtle blends of dark inky colours set against the glare of neon urban lighting. Both are handled well, without any haloing or contrasting colour distortions. The picture is noisy, though, and there is some artifacting. Look to the walls either side of the hospital doorway Alice walks out of, or smoke when the Hive is re-opened. Not too bad, but present nonetheless.
    Resident Evil: Apocalypse Picture


    Fantastic. If there was ever a movie that you could just randomly play and impress someone, this would be it. All your speakers will be leaping about your room with gusto by this most impressive of mixes. If you have an unbalanced system, with different make rears to fronts, then this movie will show that imbalance quite clearly. Bass is thunderous, treble sweet and clear and rear effects playing more often than not.
    Resident Evil: Apocalypse Sound


    A mixed, if rather large and extensive, bag. The commentaries by cast are unusually upbeat, with Milla Jovovich in particular enjoying herself. This, even if she was absent minded enough to leave her mobile switched on during the commentary recording...Sienna Guillory seems to have recorded her commentary separately and her dialogue, though insightful, doesn't seem to have the same spark as the others. Crew commentaries are by the book, not made any better by the fact I didn't much enjoy RE:Apocalypse. There is one moment when Producer Paul Anderson laughably says “Not that I am comparing the Resident Evil movies to the first two Alien movies” when that is exactly what he was doing, and favourably to boot.

    Game Babes looks at the rather obvious topic of why women are becoming more popular in modern cinema and video gaming culture. Sienna Guillory seems to have the nut cracked, so to speak, by enthusing about how cool she looks in the movie, and that what she is doing looks good on screen - “Way cooler than I will ever be in real life.”

    Game over, Resident Evil Reanimated is an in depth making of doccy that can be watched (thankfully) by segments or all at once. Not too bad, though nothing especially new. There are some glimpses of behind the scenes chat that isn't normally included. Milla Jovovich arguing to do a 250ft drop stunt with the director who sensibly wants her nowhere near it.

    Outtakes are predictably fun with all actors releasing the tension in their own inimitable fashion. In fact, the outtakes, apart form sound quality, are the best bit of the whole disc.
    Resident Evil: Apocalypse Extras


    I feel a rant coming on, here: I really wish, hope beyond hope that someone will realise that videogames and movies are completely different medias and do not mix. I like playing video games, but understand that the underlying mechanics are not suited to the big screen. Depth of character, true emotion and apprehension are integral to the cinema, but not strictly necessary in videogames. Look at how Se7en's slow build up of tension creeps up on you, goose bumps leaping up when you find out what's in that box. Or the teary eyed annulment to the Truman show, a fragile, emotional tale which has you fighting, in my case yelling, for Truman to win out. In a game, it is different. You can restart from a saved location if things go wrong, and tackle whatever problem you come up against in a different way. There is no tension as you always have that failsafe, whereas in a movie you are taken whether you like it or not. RE:Apocalypse has none of the things that can make a movie great, but plenty of things a videogame has that make movies bad. Hell there is even an “end of game boss” fight, for God's sake! I think even the diehard Resident Evil fans will be hard pressed to think this a good movie.
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