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by Phil Hinton Dec 1, 2003 at 12:00 AM

    Rebellion DVD Review
    SRP: £22.36


    Presented in 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen the image is certainly above average. The print is pristine and free from any dirt or scratches and there is very little in the way of grain to disappoint. The image does now and again suffer from a little noise, but nothing which will distract too much.

    Colours are rich and vibrant with plenty of fine detail on show, especially during the darker scenes where shadow detail is very good. There are signs of edge enhancement which is most noticeable on wide shots of the cities; you can see two outlines to each building.

    Although not perfect the image is well above the average and has a nice blockbuster glossy feel and plenty of detail which looks very filmic.
    Rebellion Picture


    The reason for importing this title will be for the DTS (768kbps) soundtrack. The DVD also features an English Dolby Digital 5.1 (376kbps) and Japanese 5.1 (376kbps) soundtracks; the Japanese track incidentally has a THX PM3 logo for its production.

    So how does it sound? Well being an action orientated movie the soundtrack is aggressive from the start. The surrounds are used to good effect carrying gun fire and other spot effects as well as the score. There is a constant bass line which plays through most of the tense action scenes pushing the subwoofer hard at times down to the lower reaches.

    Dialogue is well recorded and intelligible even during those loud moments. Comparing the DTS track to the Dolby variant provides some noticeable differences. The sound field is wide and dynamic and the bottom end takes on a more controlled feeling to it. The difference is not huge but is noticeable providing just that little bit more ambiance.
    Rebellion Sound


    The menus for this DVD are all in Japanese which makes navigation a bit of a nightmare to start with, but there are extras to be seen here. First up is a documentary called “Finding Equilibrium” which is in English with Japanese subtitles. This is a basic Electronic press kit feature with interviews and some behind the scenes footage. Next we have 3 trailers one which is the American trailer and two Japanese versions. Moving on we have a Japanese TV spot, cast and crew in Japanese text and Posters and stills.

    Rounding off the extras are two features covering the weapons used and gun play scenes. These have Japanese text to describe the guns and you can go straight to a point in the movie where they are used. The Gun play feature is identical.

    While there looks to be a few extras here the majority are in Japanese text and useless unless you are fluent in Japanese that is.
    Rebellion Extras


    The film is action packed and has some breath taking fight sequences but is ultimately let down by some rather unforgivable plot holes and wooden acting. The AV presentation is excellent and the extras are average and in Japanese. The only reason you will import this is for the DTS track and that you like the movie, if you have yet to see it, I suggest you rent first.
    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £22.36

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