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Predator Review

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by AVForums Aug 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

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    Predator Review
    For the both of you who haven't seen this classic movie, here is a brief synopsis: A senator and his cohorts are captured by guerrilla factions after their helicopter drifts into an unspecified Vietnam-esque country. Queue Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger), and his team of Special Forces, who are given the task of infiltrating the guerrilla compound and rescuing anyone that may still be alive. Once into the jungle, however, things look bleak as unexplained phenomena are uncovered, not least some bodies that have been skinned alive by someone?

    Predator is a classic, right up there with The Thing and Alien. In all these movies the most important aspect to get right are the characters. We need to care about the protagonists, enough to want them living at the end of the movie and in Predator that's what we get. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill duke and Jesse Ventura all put in classic, strangely believable, performances with more memorable one liners since Full Metal Jacket.

    Design wise, the movie has its own unique feel with the Predator itself superbly realised by Stan Winston (see extras). At the time, the Predator's chameleon special FX and heat vision visor were revolutionary and still look good by today's standards. The only thing that counts against Predator is its age; Some of the stunts are a bit “A-Team” in their execution and some expositional dialogue has an '80s stilted flair to it. But that's all in a movie that never stops for breath and is chock full of iconic moments. Fantastic.