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by AVForums Jul 1, 2001 at 12:00 AM

    Predator 2 Review
    Outside of the Terminator movies, the general consensus around the Total DVD office is that Predator is Schwarzenegger's finest cinematic outing. Arnie is the leader of a group of tough CIA-sponsored mercenaries who head into the Central American jungle to rescue a group of hostages from a terrorist camp. But an alien big-game hunter (Hall) with the ability to turn itself invisible is also hanging out in the area, and has set its sights on Arnie and his team as some of the finest trophies around. Before long the entire platoon has been picked off and Arnie and the creature are stripped naked and going at it in unarmed comba.
    Sure, it's a silly film, but it's also packed with action and features one of the most outstanding alien creations outside of Alien series. Schwarzenegger is in his element and director McTiernan handles the explosive set-pieces with considerable aplomb.
    The sequel transfers the action to the gang war ravaged urban jungle of 1997 Los Angeles. Another of the space-going big game hunters has set up home with its sights firmly fixed on Danny Glover's tough-as-nails cop. But the government is on to the creature and has sent in a team of spooks to capture it alive. Predator 2 had something of a rough time when it was released theatrically, but actually stands up rather well as a sequel. Glover makes an unorthodox central character in comparison to Schwarzenegger, but offers his character depth and intelligence that was lacking from the first film, and the sequel adds significantly to the mythology of the Predators themselves (look at what's hanging on the wall inside the Predator spaceship...) Easily as good as the first film in terms of plotting, action and effects, this is one sequel which stands tall in doing just about everything you could ask of it.

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