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by Casimir Harlow Jun 25, 2018 at 4:10 PM

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    Preacher - Season 3 Review

    Paving the way for the likes of American Gods and the upcoming The Boys, the Amazon Studios adaptation of the very adult graphic novel series, Preacher, enters its third season.

    Garth Ennis doesn't really hold back when it comes to adult content, with the upcoming adaptation of his graphic novel series, The Boys, having to contend with superhero ultraviolence, superhero orgies, and superhero gangbangs. By comparison, Preacher is positively tame.

    Nevertheless Preacher posted its own challenges; a southern-fried tale of a Texan Preacher, Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper - Need for Speed, Dead Man Down), who discovers that he has the word of God, and that God is also missing from his station up above, and sets about looking for the big man with help from his tough-ass girlfriend Tulip (Ruth Negga - Agents of SHIELD) and an alcoholic Irish vampire, Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun - The Misfits, Lockout).

    The ever-irreverent Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (who, as it happens, are signed up to handle The Boys for Amazon Studios too) developed the property, tackling a blasphemous, blood-guzzling drunken vampire; a blasphemous dismissal of God's loyalty to the 'throne'; a clandestine agency covering up the absentee messiah, run by a sadomasochist neo-Nazi; a semi-sympathetic Hitler stuck in hell who befriends a wrongly condemned boy who blew his face off with a shotgun and is called 'Arseface'; and an unstoppable cowboy from Hell who could given The Dark Tower's gunslinger a run for his money.

    Enough insanity that the show maintained your interest.

    The first season was a reasonable faithful prelude to the events of the graphic novel series, setting the scene for the Texas preacher and his past and future friends and enemies before hitting the road for the main story proper - the search for God.

    The second season, however, lost its way somewhat, dragged down by side-stories of Tulip's semi-suicidal soul-searching, Cassidy's protracted father-son problems, and the fact the Jesse is just plain not very likeable at all, but held up by the presence of Graham McTavish (The Hobbit Trilogy) as invincible Saint of Killers, Pip Torrens (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) as Herr Starr, Noah Taylor (Edge of Tomorrow) as Hitler, all of whom helped colour the fringes with enough insanity that the show maintained your interest even as its central trio let the side down.

    It all ended with Tulip's life in the balance, and a powerless Jesse and helpless Cassidy forced to return to Jesse's roots in the voodoo-centric Louisiana Plantation he grew up on, Angelville.

    Preacher - Season 3
    Hitting Amazon Prime weekly, the third season opens with an eventful premiere, flashing back to some of the horrors occurred when Jesse was but a baby, and introducing us to the godmother of his childhood, plantation matriarch Gran'ma (Betty Buckley - Split).

    Tulip has her own problems, waiting in limbo on a nightmarish dreamscape plagued by memories from her own childhood, whilst Jesse and Cassidy try to persuade Gran'ma to save her with her voodoo magic. Aside from the malevolent matriarch, Jesse also has to confront the beast of a man that killed his father, Jody (Jeremy Childs - Nashville), and undoubtedly his interactions with Gran'ma and Jody are only going to get all the more complicated, particularly given the 'sacrifice' he had to make to help Tulip.

    Only time will tell, but it looks good so far.

    Preacher was an excellent graphic novel series, and the first season of the show did extremely well setting the stage for the events in that story, but the second season went off the rails somewhat, making you more interested in the secondary characters than in the exploits of the meandering main trio themselves.

    This third season will hopefully put things back on track, returning to a story arc fans will be familiar with from the source work, and drawing the main core characters into a more intriguing, cohesive tale than last time out. Only time will tell, but it looks good so far.

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