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Police Academy : The Complete Collection DVD Review

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by AVForums Jun 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Police Academy : The Complete Collection DVD Review
    SRP: £69.99


    Most of the movies are 1.85:1
    anamorphic, while PA4 and PA5 are 4:3.
    Generally, picture quality is no more than
    fair, with a good deal of grain and some
    scratching on the earlier movies. PA5,
    despite being fullframe, is rather betterlooking,
    but perhaps that's just because
    a lot of it is outdoors, and the picture is
    bright and colourful. It's back to a rather
    grainy picture for PA7, though the 1.85:1
    anamorphic image is again fairly bright
    and the colours are vivid.


    Astonishingly, the first six films all
    have mono soundtracks. It isn't until PA7
    that you get a surround track, and that's
    Dolby Surround rather than DD 5.1. Never
    mind, eh? Apart from Jones's sound
    effects, you wouldn't expect to get much
    from a soundtrack consisting of people
    falling in swimming pools.


    The first movie features a
    commentary by the stars, director and
    producer, a reunion documentary and a
    trailer. The other discs generally feature a
    trailer and a Making of... featurette, while
    PA4 also has some additional scenes and
    a 'home video' Easter Egg.


    Inexplicably popular cop farces receives a
    comprehensive box set treatment, which at
    least gets them all out in one giant dump.
    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £69.99

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