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by AVForums Nov 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Comedies, then. These have got to be the most difficult of all TV shows. Not only do you have to be original (unlike the slew of murder mysteries out there at the moment) but also appeal to a certain kind of humour. Otherwise you find yourself dropped from the TV schedules like a stone.

    Peep Show, on the other hand is a bit of a gem. It tells the story of two flatmates who are from opposite sides of the social spectrum. Jeremy is a self styled budding musician with very little talent and even less motivation to work. He seems to prefer sitting on the sofa drinking cheap lager and letting the world go by. Mark, though, is a socially inept “sweating blood” office worker who has aspirations way above his mediocre station. He constantly strives to make just the right kind of impression for that elusive promotion.

    What a find! Filmed entirely in the first person, Peep Show is a very funny, original programme and I am glad I have had the opportunity to review it. I suppose that the embarrassing nature of the comedy moments are a little like those from The Office (except much funnier). It seems that the more severe the situation, the better Peep Show works. One part when Mark urinates in his inline manager's drawer after a huge build up is a case in point. It reads like something out of Viz, but it is testimony to the writers that such a puerile joke can still work. For me, though, it is the idiosyncrasies of all the characters that make Peep Show a success. Mark unable to talk coherently to a woman, having brown and white toast for breakfast, being only 85% certain he isn't a homosexual. Jeremy, on the other hand isn't as punctilious, so such minutiae don't apply to him. Rather has such a high opinion of his own (lack of) talent he just lazes around waiting for the world to come knocking on his door with a huge cheque. There is one part when he is failing to impress some dancers, completely oblivious to their distain and a truly atrocious music demo he gives a prospective date.

    It must be said that some of the jokes are quite coarse, no social taboo is, well, a taboo. One scene featuring a fantasy miniature magazine springs to mind, but can't be explored on this forum. Suffice to say, if you are easily offended, or a little on the sensitive side then Peep Show may not be for you. For every one else, this is a very good comedy, the best I have seen since Spaced.

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