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by Simon Crust Jun 28, 2006 at 12:00 AM

    Peep Show: Complete Series Two DVD Review
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    The series has been given a broadcast correct 1.78:1 aspect picture anamorphically enhanced for widescreen TVs. The entire series is shot using digital cameras, so the picture obviously looks like a home video; this is the desired effect for the POV shooting style and is thus in keeping with the show. Being digital the colours are bright and bold, over saturated in some cases, occasionally tending towards the blue or red in others. There are instances of contrast boosting in places also. Brightness and contrast are reasonably set hardly greying but the show is in no need of much picture depth. Detail level is quite good, rarely does the picture soften, there being decent edges even in the middle distance. Digitally there are no compression problems, neither did I spot any edge enhancement, and there is obviously no print damage. Little to get too excited about, the picture is functional in that it is clear and easy on the eye without any obvious blemishes, and looks like the digital video that it is.

    Peep Show: Complete Series Two Picture


    Only a very basic Dolby Digital 2.0 surround track is available to choose, and like the picture is purely functional. Dialogue, the main sound of the track is always clear and precise free from distortion and hiss. There is not much range, very little bass and separation is limited. However, there is never any information lost, incidental music comes across with the most separation. There are very few, if any stereo effects, but again the series does not need them, for a dialogue heavy show everything is fine.

    Peep Show: Complete Series Two Sound


    Each episode is given a commentary by stars David Mitchell and Robert Webb and writers Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain. The four have a good rapport and have plenty to say about the series in general and specific scenes in particular. Their enthusiasm and ribbing of each other is infectious and makes for an entertaining listen, even if the actual technical information is a little light.

    Next up there are ten deleted scenes, some are extensions others are all new, but only run for a few minutes each. Even though there is no information about which episode they are from, or why they were excised, it is pretty easy to spot where they came from; as for there removal, I assume timing since there is nothing there to indicate otherwise.

    The making of featurette (called a documentary in the menu!) is extremely short, though it does manage to pack in a fair amount of information. Set up in four titles (find writers, rehearsals, filming and editing) of how to make a TV series it is a comical take on the serious business of creating the show. Only a one watch feature really.

    Finally there is Gog's film, this is the full version of the film that Jas is trying to score, screams filler to me.

    Peep Show: Complete Series Two Extras


    Peep Show is pretty unique, its POV concept sets it apart from its peers while its characters are in keeping with them. The show is a situation comedy in the finite sense of the words, finding the tragedy in the comedy of life, and the two main leads are the perfect vehicle for finding it. As a DVD the package is adequate, the entire series with a decent enough picture and sound and a small smattering of watchable extras. I want to watch again and that in itself a recommendation.

    Peep Show: Complete Series Two Verdict

    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £19.99

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