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Pearl Jam: Live at the Garden Review

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by AVForums Jan 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Pearl Jam: Live at the Garden Review
    During the final days of their 72 date Pear Riot Act Tour 2003 Pearl Jam were filmed performing live at Madison Square Gardens, New York. That live show is included here on this special 2 DVD Sony release.

    As an added bonus Pearl Jam were joined by Ben Harper for a couple of songs, and members of the Buzzcocks also joined in the fun.

    Track Listing

    Disc one
    • Love Boat Captain
    • Last Exit
    • Save You
    • Green Disease
    • In My Tree
    • Cropduster
    • Even Flow
    • Gimme Some Truth
    • I Am Mine
    • Low Light
    • Faithful
    • Wishlist
    • Lukin
    • Grievance
    • ½ Full
    • Black
    • Spin The Black Circle
    • Rear view mirror
    Disc two
    • You Are
    • Thumbing My Way
    • Daughter (with Ben Harper)
    • Crown Of Thorns
    • Breath
    • Do The Evolution
    • Crazy Mary
    • Indifference (with Ben Harper)
    • Sonic Reducer (with Tony Barber)
    • Baba O'reiley (with Steve Diggle)
    • Yellow Ledbetter

    The Rundown

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