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Panasonic 65FZ952 OLED 4K TV Preview

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Panasonic mates its hyper accurate screen with some serious sounds

by Steve Withers Jan 10, 2018 at 6:43 AM

  • SRP: £3,999.00
    Panasonic's 2018 OLED range is similar to many rivals in that the video performance of the two different model levels is identical and it is their secondary features that separate them. There are two distinct ranges, the FZ802 and the FZ952 seen here and what sets them apart isn’t in the screen but is instead underneath it.

    The big addition in picture terms for 2018 is HDR10+. While welcome in itself and promising an initial hit of content with Amazon Prime material, it is fitted instead of Dolby Vision rather than as well as. Standard HDR10 material is also supported however. Panasonic has also tweaked the performance to better support the HDR requirements of gamers and combined this with their ‘quickest ever’ response times.

    Panasonic’s major area of differentiation from the competition remains the picture processing developed in cooperation with the major Hollywood studios. Combined with extremely accurate setup and calibration options, including revisions to the very dark end of the colour spectrum just above black. Combined with a new dynamic 3D Look Up Table (LUT) system, Panasonic promises an exceptionally accurate picture from the FZ952.

    The critical difference between the FZ952 and the more affordable FZ802 is the fitment of the ‘Dynamic Blade’ TV speaker. Tuned by sister brand Technics and making use of ‘audiophile tuned components,’ the speaker uses eight drivers; four bass, two midrange and two tweakers. These are in turn augmented by no less than four passive radiators. Panasonic claims that the result is both beautifully elegant and sonically compelling.

    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £3,999.00

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